Gabrielle Giffords, Arizona Congresswoman, Shot in Head at Public Event

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Gabrielle Giffords was at the center of what President Obama has described as an "unspeakable tragedy" this morning.

The Arizona Congresswoman was one of 20 people shot - 12 of whom are injured, six reportedly killed - during a shooting in Tuscon. The public event was a meeting of constituents that took place outside a Safeway grocery store.

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She underwent surgery this afternoon for a wound to the head, with Dr. Peter Rhee of the University Medical Center saying he's "very optimistic about her recovery."

The suspected culprit has been identified as a 22-year old named Jared Lee Loughner.

On her Facebook page, Sarah Palin offered "sincere condolences" to Giffords' family and others involved in the shooting. Why is this relevant?

In March 2010, - after Tweeting at "Commonsense Conservatives & lovers of America [to] RELOAD!" - Palin used gun sights on a map to target Democrats engaged in tough re-election battles. Giffords was one of those politicians.


In 2004 the Democrats used the same illustration as Sarah Palin. How come no one comments about this? Not everything that happens in this word is the fault of Sarah Palin. Give her a break, please. This crosshairs map is a political tool used by politicians. If Sarah is guilty, then so are all other politicians who use this tool.


@Annie: No one thinks Palin arranged a hit. The scary possibility is that a follower of hers took the idea of "reloading" against this politician too literally.


To The Giffords Family and Friends, There are no words to describe how sad it is to have to send a message expressing the sorrow that is now connected to your familes. I can easily believe there are a lot of prayers in motion
at this time. Please continue to care for one another as a family while you all are going through this tragic event.


Excuse me, *hitman*, not gorman. Autocorrect on iPhones can be a pain.


Come ON people, we all know Palin is a hunting back woods woman, henceforth the "reload" comment. But it can only be coincidence! She would never have arranged a shooting, especially one where a little girl was hurt. She may be eccentric and a bit misguided, but not to the point of hiring a gorman! People just want to pin her for something so terrible because of their personal dislike of her policies.


Considering that the genius Sarah Palin used a map with rifle sights focused on rival politicians (or by proxy, on their districts), the decent, mature, patriotic thing for Palin to do would be to go to the hospital and stay there at least a few days, praying for Congresswoman Giffords and helping the family in any way she can. It's not too much to ask. A person with any intelligence at all would know that when you use that kind of imagery (a target), you stand a good chance of inciting someone to take violent action. And here it is.


Seriosly ppl. I have to comment on this one bcz im from my phone and i wanted to comment onthe justin bieber on glee but since some ppl are SO OBSSESSED with him/her/it i cant comment on the other yea i wanted to say...hells no!!!hell ruin the show.!!

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