Kate Gosselin Loses It on Sarah Palin's Alaska

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Kate Gosselin likes expensive haircuts. Camping? Nnnyeah not so much.

On Sunday's crossover episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska on TLC, Kate - no stranger to grating diatribes and being annoying in general - was in rare form.

"I'm miserable," Gosselin whined. "It's killing me that people willingly do this. I just don't get the concept. Why would you pretend to be homeless?"

If she keeps up her diva-like spending, she may not have to pretend anymore. Watch her mini-meltdown on the moose-killer's reality show here ...

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is this bitch for real?


Decisions, decisions. A shameless trigger-happy wingnut or a narcissistic walking talking migraine? Still, mad props to Caribou Barbie for putting up with that whiny brat. Most people in her position would have wanted to throttle the beast.


kate is a complete loser and she really has no idea what the f she is doing. Nature is very important especially for her children.


I hope they I


No one would consider me the camping type but I could definitely camp better than Kate in my heels and in the rain and complain waaaaay less than her. What a pathetic woman. Not only was that extremely rude of her but very ungrateful. You don't do that when someone welcomes you with open arms and invites you to camp with the whole family. Stupid moron. She managed to ruin her kids' experience, disrespect the Palins, and make herself look like a total bitch.


I had read in US weekly about how "bad" Kate Gosselin was on this trip, but I figured a magazines truth, compared to the actual truth was a little embellished. HARDLY! I have never been more disgusted in my whole life to see a grown-ass woman acting like this on national television and on a network where she also has a show. It's no wonder why her children are miserable and her marriage fell apart, she is a no-class, high maitainance bitch. I hope TLC cancels her show. I will never watch anything that she is on ever again. I hope she watches this and is truly humiliated by her actions. She can't even let her kids enjoy themselves EVER! That woman should just give her kids to Jon and go about being a single woman, because she is not interested in her kids or anything "family" orientated.


Honestly, they are BOTH losers for different reasons. Palin makes me sick by trying to portray this ultra-republican "love my gun & watch me kill the animals" moron. Gosselin.......I think most people explained that already


Oh my goodness me! In the beginning I felt so much sympathy for Kate but lately all I see os a drama queen playing the diva to the cameras !And as for Palin trying for the White House...shudders!she's as bad as Kevin Rudd is for Australia.
Those dear innocent little children are being ruined by her actions ,no wonder Maddy has a bad temper and plays up to the cameras too.
I sit here in my home in Australia and thank God she's not from our country!She's visiting here at the moment but please Quantas,don't leave without her :)


Kate Gosselin is trash.. She is a poor excuse for a mother She is NOT a single mom raising the kids on her own. She has cooks, nannys, house keepers,gardners,body guards,aids,etc. The only thing Kate is concerned about is Kate. She is a wanna be. I loved the show while Jon was there.Jon was a loving dad and spent quailty time with the kids. He feed,bathed, clothed and played with them.The only thing you ever saw Kate doing was being the queen bee and yelling at Jon and the kids.Kate is not a celebrity.Her children are. I dont blame Jon for leaving her,altough he did choose a bad way to do it. You can only kick a man so many times before he bolts. Good for you Jon.Now if you could just get the kids away from that evil controlling monster and give them a normal lifestyle before she does anymore damage to them.


The scariest thing about this woman, is that she continues to be ungrateful and horrible, and really so negative. She sometimes tries to hold it in, but it always comes out, not a good environment for her children, yet she is so clueless.

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