Sarah Palin Takes Swipe at Michelle Obama Again

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Sarah Palin really does not appreciate Michelle Obama's campaign to keep America's youth from becoming morbidly obese down the line. Stupid government!

Having already lambasted Michelle over her childhood nutrition initiative, the mighty caribou slayer brought it up again Sunday on TLC's Sarah Palin's Alaska.

"Where are the s'mores? This is in honor of Michelle Obama, who said the other day we should not have dessert," a HILARIOUS, sarcastic Sarah Palin quips.

Her love for put-downs and pickin' fights instead of debating policy intricacies may explain why even ardent conservatives don't want her as president.

Just a theory.

Follow the jump for the clip, during which you can also hear Palin complain about her kids' foibles playing out in the media ... man, that sucks for them!

Also, enjoy a bonus clip of her with Kate Gosselin for good, hilarious measure. 'Cause sometimes, one overexposed TLC family just isn't enough  ...

Do you think Sarah Palin is right that the government shouldn't play a role in what kids eat (or parents encourage them to)? Tell us which side you're on:

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Palin is just as dishonest as she is stupid in labeling these anti-obesity efforts as "government interference." In addition, she is on record as having October 2007 designated as Breastfeeding Awareness Month while she was governor of Alaska. Yet, she is mocking the First Lady for recommending breastfeeding for infants, despite having acknowledged the health benefits of it in her designation. I, for one, am sick and tired of having this ignorant, ill-mannered, and crude woman's every foolish utterance reported by the media. It makes them look just as dumb as Palin for giving her so much undeserved dignity.


And by the way, I don't think Sarah has any plans of running for political office ever again. I believe she got out because of the remark Letterman made about A-Rod and her young daughter. I believe that was the straw that broke the camel's back. And I believe she has enough common sense to know that running again would put her children back in the same limelight that she quit politics to protect them from.


"Yea... but, if MO's old man doesn't stop the spending, we will all be skinny soon." Too late. All the money is almost gone now, including everything we borrowed, and have no hope of returning to, China. We will all be wearing and using (and maybe even speaking) "Made in China" soon - poisoned or not.


For heaven's sakes, she was joking.


Yea... but, if MO's old man doesn't stop the spending, we will all be skinny soon.


You people bashing michelle are sad.. Even if there is a bill out there about lowering child obesity. CONGRESSS is the one who passes it. Michelle , like everyone else , gives ideas, but other people see to them. And I think her IDEA, which is her own opinion not none of yours so she can think whatever she want, is head on because there is a lot of obese kids out here and one of the leading deaths in america is heart attacks. So heart attacks and obsese children doesnt mix too well , but you kno you can still feed your kids however you wont to nobody is stopping you or telling you how to raise your kids.. It is just a thought


Sarah Palin is crazy, she has nothing to do with her life. Sometimes I wonder what politician's major concerns are! Is it just war and being in the limelight or real concern for people? Mitchell is doing good here! How many children (not to say adults) who die from weight related illnesses in America? May be sarah should re-evaluate her priorities instaed of pretending to be a person that loves America because is she did she would put that political stuff aside and support Mitchell Obama's project!! Comm'on!


Sarah Palin is a cartoon and her stupid show belongs on The Cartoon Network. Obesity costs this country 147 billion a year and this reality show prostitute undermines the work to keep children healthy...Shame on her.


Regardless of what michelle made a bill of....the fact that sarah is bashing it is really only giving it more credit. look whose bashing it? Sarah fucking palin. she tried to run for v.p. Didnt make it. And then turns to the media for attention. Why would you guys back up someone who does nothing political for your country and honestly...makes you guys look dumber than you are. like from canada watching all this. and being on the outside looking in makes you guys seem naieve and dumb for sticking up for sarah. Shes a joke. and you guys will be fucked if you elect her dumb fucking ass for president to.


I think both of them should take an unarmed hike in bear country. You know... just for a little exercise ;-)

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