New Justin Bieber Movie Trailer: The Rags to Riches Story...

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Just stay focused, everyone. And you'll accomplish anything.

So states Justin Bieber at the outset of the following new trailer for "Never Say Never," the wildly-anticipated biopic about the teen icon set to his theaters next month. Yes, next month!

"I knew he could play the drums; I never knew he could sing," a friend says in the clip, while another adds: "He never had any lessons or anything."

And yet this shaggy-haired sensation has sold out Madison Square Garden, a feat that few singers on the planet can accomplish. He just believed, readers. You can, too...

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Wow this amazing justin bieber make this movie i known this is going to be great and all haters of justin bieber stop commenting on him i love justin bieber 100% but haters stop please jb i dont known what i have to give like gift bcs you sing well and i cry jb please tell me what you want and i buy it i love you so much bye


GAG!!! BLECH! YUCK! Perfect example of hollywood hype making people think someone is talented when they are SOOOO not!


Justin Bieber is cute & evrythng bt è fact that he now dates Selena really disgusts me coz è gal z so older than him.he shuld just date gals his age lyk me,we share the same bthday,both 1 March 1994 4 God's sake.col me 0027842632661(South Africa)


To all haters of justin bieber. what i dont understan dis why you taking the time out of your day to write vulgar comment about justin bieber. it doesnt make sense either you like him secretly or you just have no life. if you dont like him dont go looking for his pages to write shit about him it just makes you look stupid. hes doing what he want to do what inspires him go do something you want to do dont waste your time writing shit about him it just makes you look stupid.


Okay all you haters, you need to stop! We understand that you don't like him, not everyone is going to, and I'm pretty sure he knows that, so you need to stop putting him down. He's got a great gift and he's gonna embrace it.And yes,he's coming out with a movie, his past may have not been that tough, but its tough enough for him to have a movie. And honestly, you dont have to go and see it, you can stay at home and do absolutely nothing. But fans of his, like me, will go and see it. And if your not a fan stop commenting, because we beliebers don't care!


Rags to Riches??? You mean, Snot Rags to Auto-Tune. NO TALENT AT ALL !!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah, Beibs ain't no rags to riches story. He was pretty middle class. His house looks like mine. Hell, we hustle like that all the time, sell candy bars for money, my friends dance in the streets for money.
From rags to riches, I think she meant from "nobody" to "not just anybody", know what I mean?


Justin is such a sweet guy!! I love all of his songs and plus he is really cute!! I can't wait to see his movie!!! And to all u haters apparently u must like him somewhat if ur always commenting on stuff bout him!! Like 4 real if u don't like him then don't comment!! So Justin Dre Bieber is amazing!!!!! And I will always be a belieber!!!!!!!!




Justin Bieber has cooties and likes 2 play with barbie dolls. He can't sing and smells like poop. I wish he would just go away.