Golden Globe Fashion Face-Off: Anne Hathaway vs. Angelina Jolie

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We matched up her on-screen and life partners, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, against each other earlier. Now it's time to see how Saint Angie fares herself.

As statuesque, A-list beauties with glamorous style go, few can challenge Angelina Jolie. Anne Hathaway may be one of those precious few, however.

Which of these lovely ladies dressed best Sunday night, The Tourist star or Love and Other Drugs star? You can't go wrong either way. Vote below ...

Fashion Face-Off!

Who looked better at the Golden Globes, Anne Hathaway or Angelina Jolie? Vote in our survey here and tell us who wins this style showdown? View Poll »

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anne is much prettier the jolie


she is so gross and fake. during the award show she practically hung out of her chair over his lap. he reminded me of the guy who has to stick his head in a alligaters mouth , he looked nervous and sweaty. in his mind he was thinking "im in a room of off duty actors, and im helping this crazy bitch put on a show! do you think their buying it?" um ,,, no,,,


Too too too too high! Think glamor! Angelina's neckline is soo distracting from her gorgeous form. The waist was baggy, too, which wouldn't be a problem if it didn't look boxy. Anne's would have been perfect... strapless.


this is the ugliest dress ever. looks like it's from the 80s


Anne looks great. She's got a great happy smile on her face and her dress compliments her skin tone and looks nice on her. Angie looks gothic and drab and rarely ever smiles. She's way too thin and her hair is boring and the dress reminds me of something an old lady would wear.


Angelina looked AMAZE, but some of the fashion choices at the Golden Globes were absolutely atrocious. See the worst @imeanwhat


I am so over Angelina...she has to cling to Brad at these events so the press won't say they are getting divorced. I wish she could just once laugh, lighten up, act normal. I thought Mila Kunis, Eva Longoria & Olivia Wilde looked amazing. Megan Fox looks anorexic, I thought she was supposed to be curvy but she looks like bones to me.