Dr. Drew to Charlie Sheen: Be Patient...

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Charlie Sheen has had his poor stamina and unusual fantasies exposed to the world this week. But that's not the most harrowing aspect of the actor's most recent ordeal:

We now need to hear Dr. Drew Pinsky weigh in on the rehabbing star.

Playing Charlie

"Let's all be hopeful he's going in the right direction," the attention-starved doc told People. "Charlie's been in recovery before. He's actually been an active recovering person, so he knows what it is."

He also knows how to scoff, loudly and dangerously, at the concept.

Dr. Drew says people in Sheen's situation "need a long term of structure for them to capitulate and take direction." Most importantly, the Celebrity Rehab host says? The Two and a Half Men star can't rush himself.

"It's like any form of rehabilitation. Whether you are rehabilitating from an ankle injury or pneumonia, you've got to take the time and you've got to get out of the environments that impact adversely on the recovery process – whether it's a limb, an organ or the brain."


Charlie knows whats at stake. What hes doing is wrong but its his life and hes seeking help. And people please stop posting freaking novels on here just to make a point. Its stupid pointless and no one cares. You can make a point without boring everyone with your long comment


Charlie has enjoyed his days of wine and roses, and he is back to where he was just a few years ago. This time he is making headlines
and doing double duty in the poster for bad boys arena. Charlie Sheen is at the point where he does not care about anything other than his next high, whether it is a woman or a drug. By all indications,he has forgotten the tough love that his father Martin Sheen had to confront him with years ago. It worked before, but Martin is older now and may not have the patience that he had with Charlie back then. Hopefully at some point in the very near future, Charlie will get some serious help, preferably away from the glare of Hollywood, and no he do Not need to be the flavor of the month on Celebrity Rehab. I am just saying!!


Excuse me but isn't he a doctor....the brain is an organ!!
He did make a good point about not rushing it though. Charlie needs to focus on his recovery above all!

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