Kacey Jordan Details Night of Quick Sex and Big Checks

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Charlie Sheen has officially checked into a rehab facility, despite claiming he's fine and referring to all of us as a "bunch of turds."

But information about the actor's 36-hour rager is still leaking out, as porn star K-Fed's former babysitter sat down with E! News over the weekend and went into detail about the evening she spent with the troubled moron.

Among the revelations shared by Kacey Jordan in the interview:

  • She witnessed Sheen smoking cocaine for hours.
  • The two had "quick sex."
  • He cut her a $30,000 check and said she was the "missing puzzle piece" for his "porn family."
  • Sheen is "a very nice and polite guy" and he told her he has "porcelain teeth" due to drug abuse.
  • Around 3 a.m.,  Sheen started "punching walls" and "yelling in outrage" because one of the guests side-swiped his car on her way out.
  • When she left, Jordan wondered if she'd ever see Sheen alive again.
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'Sloppy seconds' is such a stupid, crude term. Every single non-virgin is someone's 'sloppy seconds,' so it's stupid to say that anyway. bleh


O.K. like are any of us surprised that she's blabbing all over town!!?? That's what they do!


Chucky got K-Feds sloppy seconds. Eeww.


This old reprobate has corrupted himself with porn. He's turned into a vile old lecher. Dorian Grey.


I really hope Charlie gets real help. But him saying he is fine means he is not ready to start the process, no matter if he is currently in rehab or not. I wish him all the bet. Good luck man, you can do it if you really try. As for this stupid girl popping up everywhere talking about her night with him who the hell cares? She aggreed too it, she got a big ass check out of it and somehow just for that we are supposed to care what she says? Nope. Shut up and go back to porn honey,your making an ass of yourself.


I had the same problem as charlie. It took me 17yrs. to finally question myself if this was what I came to America for. With all the excellent upbringing and the educational background that I have i've decided that it is time to stop this stupid thing that I was doing. I went and checked into a rehab, WALDEN HOUSE. I strongly think that this is were Charlie needs to go.


Gawd, Charlie Sheen is total tool. I think he is THE BIGGEST POS that is out there!! I mean for GOD SAKES he has like 5 kids and what an a$$ to put himself in these positions!! I know he has a 15 or 16 yr old, so that HAS TO BE so embarrassing that your dad is known throughout the world as a pig pornstar porker!!! The chick TOTALLY SOLD HIM OUT, too! I mean she had a quickie w/ him, watched him light up cocaine the whole time, probably acted like she was so stoked about the "family of pornstars", just to gat him to cut her a $30,000 check, she went to the bank right away and cashed it..... and THEN hit the media curcuit!!! Charlie, I don't feel sorry for you in the least!! If you "hang" with these people..... then just EXPECT that they will backstab you, which they did. Or just take another toke on your green pipe, throw a couple of chairs, and punch a couple of walls. And, of course, go pound a few hoes.


His porn family?? ? Charlie is in total denial. Its sad, i am a huge fan of his and if it wasnt for us fans, he wouldnt be making the money he is making now. I hope he sorts himself out. I wonder if he will get worse when Two and a half Men comes to an end.

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