Upcoming Britney Spears Music Video: Pure Genius

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Britney Spears' "Hold It Against Me" video is going to be epic.

So says her choreographer, Brian Friedman, having worked with Jonas Akerlund on the upcoming project, which he called a "natural fit" with the singer.

With a resume including Madonna's "Ray of Light," Lady Gaga's "Telephone"  and Pink's "Sober," Akerlund's "genius" will now be enjoyed by Spears fans.

Creating sexy, controversial and sleek pop videos is Akerlund's thing, and Spears would have it no other way. Friedman is confident this one will deliver.

"Anything that he does is magical. His eye for art is insane. It's not just a job, it's not technical; it really is a genius aesthetic to what he does," he said.

Brian says the video will showcase vintage Spears - tight, sexy dance moves - with a story Akerlund brings to life: "The collaboration was incredible."

"Bringing two artists together in a way like that is the best way to go," he said of the "Hold It Against Me" video, which you'll see as soon as we do.

"He was genius for me with dance."


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