Dancing With the Stars: Ruined By Bristol Palin and Kate Gosselin?

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Dancing With the Stars remains enormously popular, but has it lost its luster thanks to 2010's two most notable contenders, Bristol Palin and Kate Gosselin?

The series enjoyed renewed prominence thanks to those two, but at what cost? Is it really even about celebrities learning to dance anymore? Or dancing?

As recently as mid-2009 (amazing, we know), Kate Gosselin was just a random reality star with a bad haircut, douchebag husband and eight kids.

Bad as it Gets

Has DWTS been tarnished by this tandem?

Dancing With the Stars unleashed the power of the tabloids by casting her, then upped the ante with Bristol Palin, daughter of former politician Sarah.

People came out in droves to support or tear them down. There was no middle ground between them supporting their kids or being absentee moms.

They got as far as they did by being on the front of tabloids, becoming TV personalities that divided people and generating massive controversy.

Whereas Kate broke this new ground, Bristol took things to new heights. Adding a Palin got the series more than it bargained for: political scandal.

Audiences had a love/hate relationship with both, but Bristol made it all the way to the finals, hilariously. Some even blamed a voting conspiracy.

All this is rehashing fact. The question is whether the show is better for it, whether it will continue this stunt casting, or will ever be what it was.

Gosselin and Palin got by on tabloid sales and gimmicks, but got big ratings, leading us to think DWTS will go bigger and better in seasons to come.

So what if Dancing With the Stars no longer offers either, right?

Here are some Kate and Bristol highlights (term used loosely) from last year. What do you think? Have they enhanced the show or taken away from it?


Gee how sad - her natural look was better - why do young women , even those that are already attractive, feel the need to be 'perfect' -I'm sure all the intense scrutiny and hateful critism didn't help in her case


Shirley - "Dancing with the Stars was used as a political prop by the Palins." In order for that rot to be true, they would have had to contact the show's producers and directors, and there is no proof that they did. The shows producers and directors contacted Bristol, not the other way around.


Bristol's still a kid and was doing what she could to support her child in as adult as manner as she could. Kate's suppose to be an adult, but behaves like a spoiled child. If anyone ruined it, she did.


One more thing, if you hate the show so much then by all means don't watch it but please stop whining. As for me I will be tuning in next season.


Stop with the Bristol bashing. She wasn't the best dancer but she definitely wasn't the worst either, by far. The audience must have liked her because they voted for her for pete's sake. Bash on Kate all you want, she is such a negative person who deserves it. Bristol on the other hand seems to be a sweet kid. It was not a Tea Party venture nor was her being there politically driven. I am not a Republican and am not defending her because of politics. I just thought she did a good job and tried her best and am sick of hearing people bash the kid.


When Brandy was vote off,that was the last time I watched that show. I choose not to get caught up in that madness again. Signing off!!


Kate and Bristol did ruin it. Especially Kate's sour personality.


I think Bristol as well as the whole Palin family are amazing Americans and it's refreshing to know there are still real people out there.


I, too, will no longer tune in to DWTS. The Palin family ruined it.


I can tolerate Kate, BP not so much. No more DWTS for me, that goes for ABC as well. It’s nothing but politics.

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Dancing with the Stars Quotes

We should have started dancing with one arm waaay before.

Cristian de la Fuente [following his injury, trip to the hospital and subsequent stellar performance]

I am not the best dancer, and I have not been the best dancer from the beginning. I am happy we made it this far.

Cristian de la Fuente