Charlie Sheen: Hospitalized After All-Night Party!

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In knock-us-over-with-a-feather news, Charlie Sheen was rushed to the hospital after a crazy party at his home in the wee hours of the morning.

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    Charlie you the Man,I think its great that you can do so many Lines,you have fooled everybody,even the producers, about your squeaky clean image,maybe you can share a few lines with them,they dont seem to mind,you have them believing,you have put one on over them again,maybe we will enjoy your antics for another 21 years,but maybe someone will finally say enough is enough, i doubt it,one lost fan


    Some how, some way, someone is going to die at one of these binges, and then many will be sorry they didn't step in and force him to get help.

    Instead, many who surround him, especially the guys who surround him, seem to think it's a "boys will be boys" event.

    That's baloney!

    It's dangerous, and will lead to a sad outcome for someone some day.

    Just watch!


    I really never paid much attention to Charlie Sheen till I seen his comedy; 2 & 1/2 Men. I absolutely love the show (and I'm a woman). The show is well written & it makes me laugh. Though I have heard of Charlies past ways & how he still continues to behave as though he is 25 ... I truly believe he's not going to stop partying till something bad happens to him (truly hit bottom). I also think the reason he wont ever reach that point is because he is wealthy. To much enabling going on in Hollywood. Help is always there- he just doesn't want to grow up.
    @Tammi, no one deserves anything bad to happen to them, even if it is self-inflicted.


    I don't understand why the parent group that got after HBO's "Skins" advertisers don't take a serious whack at "Two & a Half Men". It's the poorest example of a healthy family lifestyle that's on TV. Here's a guy, both in real and "acted" life (not sure which is which any more), who has no respect for women or himself and has to buy his coked-up happiness in both worlds.
    Oh, wait, that's right...THIS show has high ratings! Of course that makes all the dif.
    Me, I don't watch any more. I'm sorry for the other "Men" on the show. Some resume they've accumulated.


    i agree with david hopson charlie sheen is a good person and he has an alcohol problem and he needs to get help for it so he should go to rehab and do AAMeetings to get the help he needs so that he can get better but i mean no one deserves to go to the hospital when there not feeling ok and @Tammi girl you are just a cold-hearted mean spirited person charlie sheen does not deserves of what happend to him no one does ! And it is very sad to see someone sick like that it is no good but im praying for charlie sheen i hope he feels better and stop drinking o just hope that he really get's help .


    He looks very old now. The "tail" he is capable of getting now has to be bought and paid for, apparently. Dorian Grey.


    Charlie is just having some fun. He's in his mid forties and single. Who can blame him for chasing as much tail as he can


    I'm not saying this to be rude or to make jokes but this guys seriously gonna die soon. Just look at how much he's aged in the last couple of years! & I'm sorry but him acting himself in every movie/tv show he does is not 'talent'


    Hope he gets better soon and learns to watch his consumption! Nothing wrong with a little drinking, but hopefully he can get the help he needs to avoid something like this happening again!


    Although I don't agree with Charlie/his behavior/his personal life/ partying but this is sad! Get better quickly Charlie. I hope this inspires him to get the help he needs.

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