Booze and Boobs: A Night in the Life of Charlie Sheen...

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Bombshell McGee may not have enjoyed herself in Las Vegas this week with Charlie Sheen, but a witness tells TMZ the actor was in heaven at The Palms Hotel and Casino.

Detailing a penthouse full of "big booby blonde girls fighting for his attention," this source got a look at Sheen's suite and said: "It looked like porn star auditions... the girls were all over him and he just sat back and took it all in."

Bree Olson Pic

Charlie Sheen contemplates which STD to get tested for first...

The Two and a Half Men star "loved the attention" and seemed like he was "in his environment," this onlooker added. Guests included McGee, her pal Lindsay Sinai and Bree Olson.

Tragically, however, Sheen came down with what his rep described as an "ear infection" immediately following his return to Los Angeles and arrived late to the set of his terrible sitcom.

For Sheen's sake, let's hope that "ear infection" doesn't leave sores on his mouth.

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Charlie is a guy who enjoy the life to much maybe.....
Hi is a fantastic actor he make the whole world more fun


The girls are eurning a living, Charlie is a good customer .
This is a win win situation.


I guess if Charlie wants to play the hero then so be it what really needs to be done is all of these women who beleive in him need a dead transplant,what about his children what in the world is wrong with him,these children need both parents and a comment to raise them properly


I'm concerned that these young women might get hurt. If they fall in love with Charlie and they let him use them, it could affect their careers. I just hope that these women are smart enough to use protection. Charlie has a history of convincing naive women to have children by him and then abusing them after the babies are born. Bree Olsen won an award for Best Anal Sex video. I hope she doesn't jeapordize her career for a man that is not worthy of her. If Charlie convinces Bree to have a baby, she will lose her good figure and end up getting cellulite on her buttocks and abdomen. Her chance at winning best videos will be over. And McGee seems vulnerable too. She let someone talk her into getting a Nazi tatoo and she didn't even know it was Nazi. How easy will it bee for Charlie to convince her to have a baby by him. And then what will she do with her life?


Charlie is a whore, a pig, a dog, he is a prostitute. an old man like him should have grown pass all these stupids acts and be responsible. he must not be married bcos no woman can live with him for long time but he can just have one gf and stop disgracing himself




Somebody want to call billTO2 a cab???


I hate to break it to ya. But that's what happens when you're still single, rich and drunk. That's just a bad case of "Seriously? WTF?"


yip! thats how I try them Kyle Busch .. Kyle Busch .. Kyle Busch .. Kyle Busch .. "a topuch of Art,say Charlie Sheen what Maralboro Light was that,I know I looked right on the way to Sports Authoritys finest"


@paggie, couldnt have said it better myself. These chicks arent being dragged in kicking and screaming. Fuck outta here.