Brad Womack Gushes Over Love, "Stable" Winner of The Bachelor

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Make no bones about it. Brad Womack has found THE ONE.

"I'm confident that I chose the right woman. I'm even more confident in our love and that it's very real. I mean it," the Austin, Tex., bar owner told Us Weekly this week.

"I'd like to give myself credit. This particular woman is so stable."

Hey, don't take stable for granted. Vienna Girardi won last season ...

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A CHANGED MAN, A SECOND CHANCE: Having blown his first shot at this, Brad Womack admits he worried about not finding his true love this time, either.

"I'd be lying if that didn't cross my mind. I told the producers if I don't feel it, I'm walking," Womack said. "I would never say I was in love if I was not in love."

Fortunately, that's not a problem.

"She knows exactly the type of guy I am," Womack said of the unnamed winner (read The Bachelor spoilers here for more on that). "What we have is very real."

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