Adam Lambert on Teen Mom: So Depressing!

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Guess we know on which side Adam Lambert stands when it comes to our THG debate on Teen Mom...

With the MTV show making a number of headlines these days - from airing a controversial abortion special to Amber Portwood going to jail... and pretty much sucking as a human being - the singer has chimed in on the series with the following Tweet:

This Teen Mom show on MTV is so depressing. I know it's "real life" but shouldn't there be programming that inspires kids to shoot higher? #glorifyingwhitetrash

A Lambert Look
Amber Pregnant Again?

Adam Lambert won't be watching Teen Mom. Can you blame him?


Adam you are right about all this teenage pregnancy it's all so depressing. I have a 14 yr old daughter can only teach her right from wrong....I hope she chooses the right way. We as parents and you as her role model can only help her to understand that she needs to keep her mind on her goals and what she wants to do with the rest of her life...she wants to be happy and to be able to do what she wants in life. You I know you are living your dream...and you're happy.Thats what i want for her.


Thank you!! I'm sorry, but I do not see the point of the shows of teenage moms.


Now ya see if anther celebrity had said something like this I bet there wouldn't so much of an up-roar. People in this world are so mean and vulgar for no reason at all.


I understand adam totally, I got pregnant at 15 and had my first child at 16, but my situation was different I got pregnant on purpose My foster dad was sexually abusing me he started when I was 8 and at 15 I thought that I would get pregnant by him, when I told my boyfriend of 2 years what was happening we got engaged and came to my foster parents with the ideal of marriage once i finished high school by this time I was in 11th grade, Anyway this is why I can relate to all teenage MOM'S. But Adam is right they are glorifying this show. What's the lesson? You to can be on t.v, if this happens to you.


Adam is so right. I back up this tweet 100% (And I'm not just saying that because of how big a Glambert I am)


@sarah I'm sad to hear that you're an ex-glambert, but the way I took it, Adam wasn't talking about "teen moms" in general...I'm sure he has friends who were teen moms themselves...he's referring to the girls portrayed on that particular show, and how their unfortunate circumstances are being exploited. The term "white trash" is a generalization of the BEHAVIOR of these young girls, not them as people. Adam has always admit that he's "honest to a fault"...but he also accepts and handles criticism, just as well as he gives it.


You fuckin Glamberts gotta stop supporting everything this fag does or say. He is not a god. I now you think by supporting him he would love you. I know this because i WAS a glambert. Guess what? Adam doesnt give a SHIT about you glamberts. He says it all with his "fuck you" attitude he has when you dont agree with his opinion. He just wans to start controversy. What is wrong with Teen Moms? Mtv is trying to show the teens watchingthe show the consiquences of being pregnant at a young age. Adam shoudnt be talking after what happened at the AMAs


I am a teenage mother myself. Yes, sometimes the show is depressing. I can relate to those girls though because I have been through the some of the same things. I don't agree with some of the things they do, but they are young and still learning the ways of life. Which I'm still doing. Oh and all teenage mothers are not white trash. Plus I'm sure half of the older people that commented on this were teen parents theirselves.


Yeah I agree with Adam, lets put something better on for our kids, please no more rubbish.


HA! You go, Adam. Tell em what it is.

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