Amber Portwood: Released From Jail, Reunited with Daughter

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After a turbulent 24 hours, Amber Portwood was released from jail and is about to be reunited with her 2-year-old daughter, Leah, according to her lawyer.

"It's my understanding that Leah will be placed back with her," Robert Schembs said.

Portwood pleaded not guilty to three felonies - two counts of domestic battery and one count of neglect of a dependent - after being arrested on Tuesday.

FREE WOMAN: Amber Portwood got sprung. Gary Shirley, run and hide!

After turning herself in, the troubled Teen Mom star was booked late Monday and detained overnight at the Madison County jail in Anderson, Ind.

She is no longer allowed to have contact with Gary Shirley, according to her lawyer. However, he adds, "To my knowledge, they're on good terms."

"I'm really proud of her," he says. "She was strong. Her outlook was positive. She had shock, of course, but was in good spirits. She's really trying."

Following her televised beatdown of Shirley, she's going to have to try harder to change her ways if she wants to stay out of an orange jumpsuit.


If it had been Gary who hit Amber like that would anyone be saying she deserved it? Nope, they would be wondering why he was not already in jail. Look,no matter how stressed you are and no matter how angry you are at someone you never,ever have the right to put your hands on another person. It's a crime. You can go to jail. It's also morally wrong and a sign of extreme immaturity when someone resorts to violence. Clearly this young woman needs help but unless she realizes she has some really big problems it will do her no good.


well, on something like that, there's really not much the owner of the site can do, aside from changing the rules and regulations regarding posts. those people are people you don't know, and that don't know you. that being said, neither one of you (you or them) can really make any judgements. it's a difference of opinion. people don't like it when their opinions are challeneged, so they react stupidly. that's all they were doing. when people have to resort to name calling, they can't argue your point..


Im glad she's going to have her child back, she's young and she has issues, as long as she doesn't hit her kid its all good she and Gary just need to stay the hell away from each other.


good for you Amber... this whole thing was crap... you are a good mother dont let anyone say diffent.... yeah you have anger but who can say they dont... i followed you stoy on MTV and yea hitting Gary was wrong but he did deserve it... we all make mistakes and if God can forgive us... why cant the world... God Bless you and Leah... she has an awsome mommy!


I think what people need to understand about this situation it's Amber does have issues & seeked medical advice, u hear Gary mock her on the programme saying go pop your pills Amber! These are two
people who really didn't work & were immature making massive mistakes, she doesn't deserve to go to
prison she needs help with her depression & they need to stay apart & just raise Leah the best they can.


Amber is a BIG crybaby and that's all she ever did on teen mom was cry GROW the FUCK up and be a parent and get your life together crybaby bitch!!!!!!


They deserve each other.


One of the reason why some men don't marry...


I saw that particularly bad episode of teen mom&it was as bad as thery r making it sound. MTV kept playin the episod eover and ove r again but I couldn't keep watching it. It was BAD. People,well normal people don't act like the way she did. So she needs to stop acting so dang innocent. She's got problems


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