Michael Vick Loves Animals, Seeks Pet Dog

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Convicted dogfighting kingpin and re-emerging NFL superstar Michael Vick says he loves animals and would even love to get another dog again someday.

After a stint in federal prison, the transformed Philadelphia Eagles quarterback says in a new interview, “I would love to have another dog in the future."

"I think it would be a big step for me in the rehabilitation process.”

Michael Vick, Eagles

Michael Vick is legally not allowed to own a dog.

He explains his unspeakably terrible cruelty to dogs in the past this way: “When I was younger I got caught up in dog fighting. It was something to do."

“I hate to use our culture as an excuse, but it is what it is. I love animals. I love dogs. I love birds. All types of animals. But it's the way I was brought up."

“Nobody ever told me it was the wrong thing to do.”

Vick now works with the Humane Society and talks to students about the evils of dog fighting. Watch him talk about his experiences after the jump ...


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Oh please, people. Vick is a psychopath a la O.J. Simpson. Have you read his personal bio lately? He knowingly gave a woman herpes, he once smuggled drugs in a water bottle, he admitted "getting off" on torturing and killing dogs, he threw his own family pets in the ring and giggled as they were torn ro pieces...Yikes. I don't care how many pictures they take of him tickling puppies: look at those eyes and tell me you aren't scared to death by what you see. He may be a great football player but he's a human wrecking ball on and off the field.


Why should we give Michael Vick a second chance, did he ever give those poor innocent dogs a second chance? NO, if they didn't win their dog fights, they were brutally tortured and killed.


Nobody ever told me it was wrong either. Somehow I would know slamming a dog against concrete till it was dead might not be a good thing. Guess I had better parents.


FYI for all you crazy sub human Vick lovers out there! Michael Vick was NEVER CONVICTED OR CHARGED with the acts he preformed on those poor dogs.. his felony counts were all money and business related! Oh yeah, and the REAL reason the cops showed up at the house was DRUG related... they just happened to stumble apon the horror he was ring leading. Thank goodness because he'd still be doing it today without a doubt if he wasnt caught. I cant believe this MONSTER is the father of children... I am waiting for the tragic day where we get to see his ugly mug again for manslaughter.... it's only a matter of time


honestly I can usually separate personal lives from careers... with this guy I can't! I hate him with a passion!!! There is no reason at all why Vick should ever be allowed near a dog let alone own one!!! It is a disgrace that anyone would consider it... he should have gone to jail longer than he did and probably would have if he wasn't famous!!


If I was working at a pet shop on a commission basis, I would avoid selling Michael Vick one of our four legged friends.


LMAO x2 i cant believe he said he didnt know it was wrong. OMG pls no ones that dumb boy. And i agree with the MAJORITY of america if ne one gives vick a dog shame on them. n u dnt love animals ne more than u love being broke take ur lien evil ass on somewhere . u should have been punished way harder like sum one diff. would have n i lost all respect 4 u also like majority of people did . n wat makes it so HORRIBLE is vick u didnt need tha money so u was just doing it to do it u need help ur a fucked up person n dont deserve shit u have. If i was ur wife i would have took my kid n got away 4rm u


some people are not allowed to own guns after they are charged with a felony.mr.vick is no better than any of us who have been charged.we can"t have guns ,he don"t get to own a dog.he says he loves animals,thats B.S.....he shouldn't even be playing football


Even supervised visitation will not enable Michael Vick to own a pooch anytime soon.


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