David Arquette Admits: I've Lost It

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Following multiple public confessions regarding his separation from Courteney Cox, his post-marriage sex with Jasmine Waltz and his weekends of drunken behavior, David Arquette has finally admitted:

I've got a problem.

The actor phoned Howard Stern's radio show yesterday and acknowledged that he's having a "nervous breakdown, adding: "I've been drinking a lot... it's really a personal, traumatic thing... when I drink, I become a maniac."

In October, Arquette told the world how Cox said she was sick of acting like his mother in their marriage. But "I kind of need a mother right now," he says.

"I need a girl to come bring me some soup and make sure I'm all right. I like that, and I take care of my ladies, too."

Regarding his split from Cox, with whom Arquette has a daughter, he held nothing back:

"This is the hardest thing anyone has to go through... You wake up and the reality hits you."


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