Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Touch Hands in Miami!!!

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Note to Selena Gomez: if you want us to believe that you are NOT dating Justin Bieber, perhaps you shouldn't frolic with him in front of reporters.

Just days after Gomez scoffed at the notion that her IHOP meal with the shaggy-haired singer was anything but a mutual enjoyment of pancakes, she was spotted in Miami with Bieber... looking cute and cozy!

Near Hand Holding!

We're not saying Bieber and Gomez are definitely an item, but there's something strange about these pictures, isn't there?

No one else is around. This almost come across like a Speidi-esque, staged photo op. As a pair of media savvy stars, one can't help but wonder: why are Justin and Selena acting in such a way that will only fuel dating rumors?

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oh ! so cool ..
> ur so sweet !!


I both like u Jb n Selena


frikin shut up jb doesnt even know u idiots and hes in love with selena gomez so a real jb fan would be happy for him and not mad at selena wat the hell did she do like a guy who millions of other girls liked to how would u feel if u were datin jb and the world started hating u b****


i hate Selena she it mosit girl she is older then jb


stop saying bad things about selena gomez.shes so prefect.actually she better thn jb.i like both jb nd selena.
so dont sad selena.they all guys r gone to hell.u r gorgeous.i love u both.......muahhhhhhh.lv u...


Hey biber though u r cute ...dnt think about selena ........she is mine...only belongs to me.......careful....


She goes for Taylor Lautner...now Justin Bieber....She really isnt doing well...I really dont like her!!!


me wth mary selena z xo gorgeous nd she dsrvz to b happy nd if her bn wth justin mex her hapy y not ya'll other gals r just JELOUS JELOUS IT IS 4 YOU ....selly nd jb u guyz luk prty whoa 2gethr


i hate you seleana i will marry jb he's the best person in the world get away selena


U mother fuckers i love selena gomz too much u guys she is da most beautiful girl in da world and justin i dont blame u and selena gomez if u r reading dis than in 5 years i am coming to u to marry u i only curse sometimes to protect u i can give u love hapiness and kindness tu ur family and firends email me if u can and tel justin da same thing i love u too much i am crazy about u bye