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There’s nothing like a good celebrity feud.

Sure, we all go through bad breakups, say things we wish we could take back and argue with others, but when the stars do it, it’s so much more interesting!

As the year winds down, we’ve examined 2010’s top celebrity mistresses and sex tapes. Now, THG takes a look at the year’s 10 best celebrity spats here …

10. Brett Favre vs. Jenn Sterger    

In a classic he said/she said deal, a former Jets reporter alleged sexual harassment by the NFL legend, who says he was just hollering. Perhaps. Some say the biggest crime was thinking Brett Favre’s small junk was going to impress somebody.

Brett Favre Messages to Jenn Sterger

9. Sarah Palin vs. PETA

We’d rank Sarah Palin higher, but public wars of words lose some of their edge when you go out of your way to start them. Still, her exchange with PETA over hunting was classic. Bristol Palin and Willow Palin had some good ones, too.

8. Kid Rock vs. Steven Tyler

The former called the latter’s hiring by American Idol “the stupidest thing he’s ever done in his life” and termed him “an idiot” for good measure. The Aerosmith rocker responded that Kid is “just jealous.” Not sure about that one, Steve.

7. (tie) Lindsay Lohan and/or Charlie Sheen vs. Sobriety

This one could spill over into 2011 and beyond.

The latest, but likely not the last Lohan and Sheen mug shots.

6. Bill O’Reilly vs. Jennifer Aniston

Controversial as he is, Bill actually argues his views with concise, well-reasoned points. Mostly. When he called Jennifer Aniston “destructive to society” for wanting a baby as a single mother IN A MOVIE, though? Not his finest hour.

5. John Mayer vs. Jessica Simpson

Douchebag dates hot girl. Douchebag breaks up with hot girl. Douchebag goes on and on in a Playboy interview about nailing hot girl, likening her to a crack addiction and terming her “sexual napalm.” Standard relationship progression.

4. Rick Sanchez vs. Jon Stewart

CNN anchor Sanchez whined about being the victim of a media conspiracy, calling Stewart a “bigot” … just because! His dual penance for not knowing that word’s definition? Getting fired and getting eviscerated on air by Stewart.

3. Kanye West vs. Matt Lauer/George W. Bush/Sanity

In 2005, Kanye said Dubya “doesn’t care about black people” in the wake of Katrina. This year, Bush’s book and his “disgust” for West brought the dispute back to the forefront. They made up (sorta), but then Kanye became bitter at Matt Lauer.

If there’s been an uglier split than this, we haven’t seen it.

2. Mel Gibson vs. Oksana Grigorieva

“Feud” doesn’t really do this one justice. Mel and his estranged baby mama are the subject of THREE police probes – over her alleged extortion, his alleged domestic violence, and their daughter’s custody. And her taped Mel Gibson rants … wow.

1. Chelsea Handler vs. Angelina Jolie

When a talk show host calls an A-lister the c-word, then not only doesn’t take it back, but says even more succinctly that she’s not a fan, that’s gotta take the cake.

What was your favorite celebrity feud of 2010?