Elizabeth Edwards Laid to Rest in N.C. Funeral

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For 75 minutes yesterday, Elizabeth Edwards, who died this week at age 61, was eulogized as smart, funny, authentic, outspoken and always optimistic.

Above all, she was passionate and a fierce lover of her family.

“She would do anything in the world to protect all of us, no matter the personal cost was to her,” said her daughter Cate Edwards, eulogizing Elizabeth.

The late Elizabeth Edwards (1949-2010).

"She has been a light house to all of us. She's always been that source of light to us. Every lesson she has taught us has become part of our ethic."

Her estranged husband, former Sen. John Edwards, joined more than 1,200 mourners at Edenton Street United Methodist Church in Edenton, N.C.

The political wife, lawyer and author's close friend Hargrave McElroy and former UNC Law School classmate Glenn Bergenfield also spoke Saturday.

Unfortunately, the public memorial was not without controversy.

A small group of protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., known for picketing military funerals, demonstrated near the church.

On the other side of the street, reports The News Observer, stood a much larger group, holding signs with the optimistic words "hero" and "hope."

The wife of the two-time Democratic presidential candidate died at her Chapel Hill home Tuesday after battling cancer for the last six years.

"Today we have lost the comfort of Elizabeth's presence, but she remains the heart of this family," the Edwards family said in a statement.

Elizabeth separated from John in January after he acknowledged he fathered a child with Rielle Hunter, a videographer and campaign aide.

May Elizabeth rest in peace.


A beautiful women has left us. I hope if John Edwards decides he wants to get married at sometime I hope he he marries someone with some class like his wife had and someone she would be proud of and the children can be proud of. This would some respect to Elizabeth and the children.


What a tremendous loss for her children, personally I don't know how she survived the hell that John put her through, I certainly wouldn't have been as quiet and calm about it as she was. When a man, any married man disgraces his wife by taking up with another woman the pain inflicted is more than emotional, the entire body suffers. She didn't die from the cancer as much as she did from the disgrace, it is well known in the medical and mental professions that being the abused wife causes real tangible illness, and believe me having your husband cheat on you at such a tragic time while suffering with cancer would be enough to finish off most of us. She wrote so eloquently about all of that pain, and she bore it with such trememdous dignity and grace she is sure to have a place right near the throne of God. A loss such as this causes pain to all of us who struggle with cancer. She will be missed.


Elizabeth- lovely lady, heartbreaking finale. You can't tell me the stress her 'beloved husband' (not!) put her under didn't hasten the outcome. STRESS is a known factor of illness and the body's ability to fight it. Most of us have been there or know someone who has. Someone should take John Edwards and smack him in the face 5 times - one for Elizabeth, one for Cate, and one for the other 3 children including the one who passed. The man deserves to be shunned not to mention his bimbo girlfriend. What goes around comes around and you'll see it play out. By the way wasn't Elizabeth beautiful. As noted before had she grown up in my teenage or young people crowd I would have turned green with envy but only sad envy because she was also a nice person that I would have liked to have as a friend.


As a sister survivor - I am saddened that she lost her fight with this insidious disease that claims so many lives. Rest in Peace Elizabeth Edwards -
You have been courageous and strong for so long, it is time to rest now. May God's loving embrace encircle your children and loved ones during their time of grief. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.


A very courageous woman who deserved a better man than John


I don't know why I cried. It may have been that I also walk her road in the sense of a cheating husband. However, I am grateful that God allowed her to find forgiveness and untamed peace. She is home with the Lord and she is free from heartaches and pains. I am sure her husband regretted his actions. She had such a short time. Had he known he would have loved, cherish and honor her, then move on with more grace, dignity and respect. R.I.P Elizabeth!!


@ Free Britney, Thank you for giving us (your readers)a final up close and personal look at Elizabeth Edwards.