Cate Edwards: Engaged to Trevor Upham!

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In the final days before Elizabeth Edwards' death, daughter Cate gave her mother the happiest of news: She was engaged to longtime sweetheart Trevor Upham.

The couple, who met as students at Princeton, got engaged over Thanksgiving after spending the holiday at the Edwards family's Chapel Hill, N.C., home.

"Elizabeth was thrilled," a close friend told People.

Cate Edwards with her late mother Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Edwards' funeral is today. Cate Edwards, 28, is expected to deliver a eulogy and Trevor Upham, a physician, will serve as one of the pallbearers.

Upham has said that Cate, an anti-discrimination lawyer in D.C., and her mother (also a lawyer) were alike in many ways: "They have the same quirks."

"They like the same things. I think they even hold their phones the same way."

Congratulations to Cate on this wonderful news, which surely made her mother thrilled and proud even in the circumstances of these past couple of weeks.


Congrulations, Cate very proud for you . May your life be filled with many blessings.


Cate Edwards is inpiring -- I am doing a documentary on grief and would like to film an interview. I see her e-mail at work and hesitate to write there -- if you read this cate, let me know an appropriate e-mail contact address. Thank you. Kathy


I am so happy for Cate and I wish her and her future husband the very best. I know that Elizabeth Edwards is resting peacefully now knowing she is in heaven and has no more pain. God rest her soul. Elizabeth you will never be forgotten. You are a woman of courage and you are so brave. Our country will never forsake you. Thank you for all that you have done. We love you


I say this as a woman and a mother. After all that Elizabeth suffered with these last three years, I am so glad that a child brought her the wonderful news that every mother wishes to hear from her daughter, that she is in love and engaged to start her new life and family. Thank you Cate and Trevor. Adelaide Eldridge


Cates is not Cher'rdaughter?right?


@ Free Britney,
Thank you for the update on Cate Edwards.
It is wonderful news to know that she has someone in her corner, who cares about her,and her special relationship with her mother Elizabeth. By all indications,Cate is a mature young woman who knows what is important in her life,and is blessed to have someone special to share it with.

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