Idiots Plan Protest of Elizabeth Edwards' Funeral

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Elizabeth Edwards, the estranged wife of former Democratic presidential candidate and 2004 V.P. nominee John Edwards, died earlier this week at the age of 61.

Edwards passed away after a long battle with cancer, leaving behind three children. What should follow is a period of subdued mourning for a classy individual.

Alas, the Rielle Hunter rumors have already popped up, and now, the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church is dispatching members to protest her funeral.

Elizabeth Edwards (1949-2010).

The church has sparked controversy via confrontational, offensive demonstrations in the past, with "God Hates F*gs" becoming their unofficial calling card.

Another Westboro sign, "Thank God For Dead Soldiers," is frequently displayed at military funerals and has not surprisingly created its own share of outrage.

In a promotional flier for the upcoming protest, the church references John and Elizabeth Edwards's son Wade, who tragically died in a car crash in 1996.

After Wade's death, the Edwards' had two more children, Emma and Jack (born 1998 and 2000). The protest group's literature says the following:

"When they were visited from the Most High God with the death of their 16-year-old son, they did not humble themselves before His mighty hand."

"They reared up in rage, decided they would show God who is boss, meddleing in matters of the womb, resulting in 2 more children - now motherless."

The church goes on to claim that Elizabeth Edwards is in hell. Specifically, she is a "resident of hell, where her rebellion and rage will take full flower."

The First Amendment protects, as it should, the group's right to assemble, protest and disseminate these ideas. We live in a free society. This is good.

But freedom of speech also protects our right to say that the Westboro Baptist Church should lay off out of decency or take a long walk off a short pier.

Seriously, you are all really big losers.


Hey, I got a good slogan for them; lets make signs and protest at there church saying "God Hates, Haters!!!!


This group is nothing more than the self righteous hypocrites all CULTS tend to be! They believe that bad things happen to those who defy the will of God. With that thinking, how do they explain the crucifixion of Jesus, God's only son? Using their own "logic" or "reason" then God defied his own will and therefore had to have his son executed. Go drink some more kool-aid and leave those in mourning alone to mourn.


Would that we each of us could inherit Elizabeth's dignity, compassion, coherent sensitivity,and value to ourselves and
her God. May she surely rest now in peace, her trials and tribulations behind her, together with the betrayals she was afflicted with on this earth. She was a caring person ... Can we say more? May God bless you now Elizabeth, may God bless you now.


I believe in the 1st amendment rights but I think its absolutely absurd to make such inappropriate comments when people are in mourning. This is a nation of heartless people trying to get other nations to respect us. Do unto others as you would others to do unto you. I know this will fall on an unbelieving people but the truth hurts.




well these idiots will stop at nothing... they must have no life and no respect for god if thats all these people do. they were in my home town not to long ago protesting a play that the high school drama department was putting on... just because they showed respect to gay people.i dont remember the name but it was the story about the boy that was tied to a fench and beat to death.. the followers are a bunch of idiots.


I don't usually comment online, but this is so riduculous I had to say something. My mother suffers from the same type of cancer that Elizabeth Edwards had. God does not wish for his children to suffer. Death is our punishment for sin and we are ALL sinners. These protestors have put themselves on a pedestal. What gives them the right to judge others? To protest during a funeral is just uncalled for and the epitame of disrespect. Do they actually think that their actions are appropriate in God's eyes? They should be ashamed. Their actions are why some folks think Christians are crazy!


This is the most ridiculous freedom of speech I have ever heard. Wade died when he was 16 and I'm sure they mourned his death as any mother and father would have. The fact that they had more children, was not to show God they could get away with having more, but to enrich their lives with the spirit of being blessed with more children. What an innocent act on both their parts.
I don't agree with that she has gone to Hell for this act. She, I know from the bottom of my heart, is in Heaven and is now at peace.
I will miss her greatly, as she was one of the most dignified women I have ever met. And we did meet many times in her campaign for her estranged husband and talked in depth about her health and her personal life.
GOD Bless you my dear Elizabeth.


I am ill all the way down to my toes. And am trying not to paint all Baptists with a broad brush. While they're protesting, maybe they should be drinking a batch of kool aid that their leader made up for them. (if you catch my meaning)


I think that these people are just looking for attention. Don't give it to them. I know that the news media will be there, after all, she was married to John Edwards at one time. I think that the news media should totally ignore them, no shots of them don't even mention that they were there. If they show up and no one acknowledges them what is the use of being there. They are not worth our notice.