Did Britney Spears' Camp Concoct Abuse Story?

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Was last week's tabloid report about Britney Spears being abused by her boyfriend a creation of someone in the star's camp as a means of generating buzz?

Probably not, but stranger things have happened.

To be clear, we're not saying Britney Spears or Jason Trawick was in on it, or that anyone was for that matter. But it's a bit coincidental how it played out.

A Real Eye-Opener
Jason Trawick-Britney Spears FIGHT!

The timing and details of this story? Awfully strange.

Flash back to last week. Star reported that Britney phoned her ex, Jason Alexander, confessing that Trawick attacked her. Radar then posted the audio.

Spears' camp decried the rumor, analysts declared the tape bogus, and Brit Tweeted that everyone involved can "kiss my lily white southern Louisiana ass!"

Then came this interesting Tweeted tidbit, too: "I'm almost done with my new album and it will be coming out this March. I AM IN L-O-V-E WITH IT!"

While it seems crazy to think Britney Spears would need fabricated gossip to get people talking about her new release, this is manager Larry Rudolph's M.O.

The puppet master is famous for planting stories - typically about who Britney's dating - and micromanaging all aspects of his client's visibility and image.

Can we see Rudolph, Alexander and Star all going in on this together, leaving Spears and Trawick in the dark? Absolutely ... think about it, all parties win.

Painting her as a sympathetic victim, then handing the floor over to Spears herself for a defiant denial and a casual announcement of the new record?

Stranger things have happened, just saying.


Surely they'd plant a story that shone good on her and all her camp... not some malicious garbage that could easily get well out of hand. Doesn't make any sense does it? ;) I suppose Star would post stories like this to try and get sales, given that they're apparently over $500,000,000 in debt. Album #7 here we come.


The “KISS MY ASS� tweet was the LAST TWEET of the sequence. The album news came first, the “kiss my ass� tweet was a P.S. afterthought.


kiss asshole.


Britney Spears is the envy of a teenage girl in the world


well there maby a chance of that but dnt think so. maby just giv her a little space...


BULLS#!T bb remember that the story popped out a day before Brit's bDay, she was already planing to state something 'bout that freakin album she defended herself as always (kiss my lilly southern lousina ass)... Britney announced the date of release of her album because she was so happy with all the birthday wishes that she woke up with sooooo this site can stfu :D


this could be a possiblitly, BUT news about brits new cd have been out since waay before this summer, why make a terribkle rumor about her like sorry thats just stupid & this article is going to make bigger magazines into thinking its true and theyre going to run with this story. you guys all make me sick leave the poor girl alone.


Wow this would be really mean to do something like that! I doubt this theory is true ... plus they said they would bring them to court so ...


shut the fuck up, what a stupid pointless article, keep your pathetic 'theories' to yourself!


shut up.. stupid theory


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