German Hackers Accused of Stealing Ke$ha Nude Photos, Pre-Released Singles

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This is a sobering thought for many: there are allegedly photos of Ke$ha nude floating around the Internet.

According to The Associated Press, two German hackers have been nabbed trying to sell unreleased tracks of various artists, while officials say the suspects are also accused of blackmail attempts against Ke$ha, threatening to release compromising photos of that singer unless she helped to promote one of them, an aspiring DJ.

Face Painted
Blue Lipped

Ke$ha is a master of various looks. One of them, reportedly, doesn't involve any clothing.

Duisburg chief prosecutor Rolf Haferkamp says two men used malicious software to break into computers containing music and personal information for dozens of recording artists, including such stars as Ke$ha, Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake.

Police were tipped off to this scheme by followers of Kelly Clarkson, who reported they were contacted via fan websites and offered the chance to purchase new, unreleased material by the former American Idol.

"The investigation could result in charges relating to commercial copyright violations, which carry a penalty of up to five years in jail," Haferkamp said to German news agency Deutsche Welle.

One of the alleged suspects is 18 and the other is 23. Both live with their parents and both have admitted to at least a couple charges.

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