Report: Jason Trawick Beat Up Pregnant Britney Spears, Cheated on Her With Teenager

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An explosive tabloid report this morning claims that Britney Spears was assaulted by her boyfriend Jason Trawick, and that she was pregnant at the time.

He also cheated on the pop star with a teenager, supposedly.

A main source cited in this Star Magazine cover story is Jason Alexander, Brit's former husband (albeit for less than three days) way back in the day ...

Jason Trawick-Britney Spears FIGHT!

STARTLING ALLEGATION: Was Britney Spears attacked by Jason Trawick?

Doctored or not, the cover does show a photo of Britney’s black eye, which Jason Trawick allegedly provided after she accused him of straying.

Perhaps most shockingly, on top of the beatdown, the magazine claims Britney Spears was pregnant with his baby at the time ... and no longer is?

While it's impossible to believe much that Star says, this is unusually inflammatory, borderline libelous stuff to concoct and run for no reason.

What do you think? Could there be any truth to this whatsoever? Spears' official site hasn't denied it on its "BS Alert" ... yet. Stay tuned.


And Britney u r an awesome pearson to ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!I will always beilve in u Britney i think u r pretty nd i want to be just like u nd ur beautiful nd just dont let those ppl put u down just ignore them I LOVE U BRITNEY SPEARS AS A FAN


idk if he did it or not but i am totally on Britneys side and im her biggest fan ever nd i dont care wht ppl say about me tht i like Britney Spears no tht i LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEE HER!I her biggest FAN ever i want to meet her ssssooooo bad nd im gonna nd quit putting her down i bet u anything she reads this nd she probably cares nd she hates bad attention so ya nd Britney im ur BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


she still a sweet angel


Brittney Spears is a piece of trash and the fact that she does not have custody of her boys supports that fact. She is a no talent loser and if he did beat her too bad because she was stupid enough to take it. She has mental problems


-.-"U B Siempre...


I think britney really did get beat.but maybe she did something wrong.


oh and you jennifer . Addicted to attention you say? ya thats a bunch of bull. Havent you seen what being famous has done to her? if anything she is trying everyway to stay out of the spotlight for extra attention. Britney is Britney she is a person just like you and i. If anyone can't see that just because she has money and is an singer/actress. Well then i'd say you are pretty stupid.


and how do you know what she was diagnosed with? are you her caretaker? no didn't think so.


I think he did do it. Everyone thinks britney spears is crazy and lies. well everyone is stupid! i love her and will always believe in anything she says, you guys are losers for not believeing in her. get a life. at least thats what she is trying to do but all you ppl do is put her down. you think she doesn't read this? well im sure she reads a lot of stuff everyone says. im just glad im the one who wrote something nice because she needs to know that people believe in her! i've been her fan since day 1! Always will believe in her =]


Wasn't Britney diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar? Maybe she gave the black eye to herself, as BPD are well known for self harm. Her relationships have always been tumultuous. Time to leave this woman alone. I am sick of trashy mags and their shite. Every week someone is pregnant that really isn't. Whilst I do believe that sometimes where there is smoke, there is fire, a lot of it is just baloney. Here, however, you are dealing with a woman trying to cope with the normal life trials as well as being a superstar. Give her a break.

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