Celebrity of the Year Finalist #2: Mel Gibson!

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With 2010 drawing to a close, it is with much pride that THG unveils its 10 finalists for its prestigious, Fourth Annual Celebrity of the Year award.

These stars all gave us their best, their worst, their nude pics (sometimes) and their scandals (often). This month, THG honors that greatness.

After the bong-smoking, often-pantsless Miley Cyrus could not be tamed at #3, we present another polarizing figure at #2... Mel Gibson!

Simply put, Mel Gibson is not on this list because of his work.

The legendary actor became completely unglued this year. He is an all-time movie star now embroiled in one of the all-time celebrity scandals.

We thought we'd seen it all with his epic DUI arrest of 2006. Or when he made news LAST year by giving it to Oksana Grigorieva - and getting her pregnant - while still married to his wife of nearly three decades, Robyn.

It turns out Mel saved his borderline crazy best for 2010 ...

Mel and Oksana's daughter, Lucia, was born in late 2009. The pair split up early this year amid a volcanic blowout at the actor's Malibu home.

A blowout, Oksana claims, that ended with both herself and Lucia getting punched in the face. Mel denies this and says she's extorting him.

What he can't deny, however, are the racist phone tirades - obtained and released, day after day by Radar Online this summer - against her.

Whether he abused her or not (he tells a different story and there have been no charges filed against him), the Mel Gibson tapes are shocking.

The man needs help. Medication and then some. As celebrity news goes, this story will go down as one of the most remarkable of all time.

It's remarkable that anyone on Earth would think or say the kinds of things uttered in the recordings below ... let alone a Hollywood legend.

One of the world's leading heart throbs managed to undo a quarter century of adulation by alienating minorities, Jews, women ... you name it.

Baffling as it is, the next chapter has yet to be written. Mel and Oksana continue to trade allegations and fight in court over custody of Lucia.

Can his career be saved? Is he really an abusive monster or just a sad guy with serious anger management problems? Only time will tell.

Listen to the (very NSFW) Mel Gibson rants here ...


If you want to read a good article about Gibson, read Genna East on hubpages. She did a terrific piece on how Gibson has been mistreated by the media that was great.


hollywood gossip , may you go down fast & painfully ..
slimeball rag -a-shit...


WAHA! If you believe and trust the "news" from Radar On Line, then you must believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny! You got punked big time, sucker.


I read stories on this site because i have a sence of humor and need a laugh fromtime to time. You guys never let me down with your comical garbage. There are three types of low lifes.
1, tow truck drivers
2, taxi drivers
3, reports or what ever you guys call youselfs They all pray on the misfortions of others.


Get your facts straight before printing such BS story.
Interesting that you dont bother to mention that the "racist phone tirades" tapes released by ROL are, ACCORDING TO EXPERTS on ABC news, DOCTORED.


This story is total garbage. Disgusting.

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