Tiger Woods: Creepin' on Random Hoes!

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They say a Tiger can't change his stripes. Well, a year after Tiger Woods' infamous Thanksgiving weekend car wreck, which revealed his affair with Rachel Uchitel and ignited a mammoth sex scandal, the golfer is up to his old tricks.

No, not Joslyn James and Devon James. But similar tricks.

"He's seeing random girls, creeping around in a low-key way," Us Weekly quotes an alleged Tiger insider as saying. "I don't think you can call it 'dating.'"

PROWLIN'! Tiger is supposedly in the hunt (for tail) once again.

So basically, dude's on the prowl for cocktail waitresses all over Florida, but it's hard to call it dating when you get kicked out of the house at 6:30 a.m.

Oddly, this bogus report goes on to reveal Tiger's actual plans for Thursday one paragraph later: "The kids and his mom will join him for Thanksgiving."

His ex-wife Elin Nordegren, meanwhile, is "not dating, but is in great spirits," the source adds. Well, that's good to hear ... $110 million has to help.


since wanda came out of the closet as a lbseoian, its been hard for me to watch her, let alone listen to her since i dont like lesbians but i did see the vid and i do agree with the lesbo


No one cares if the sleazeball horndog "Tiger" Woods is whoring around again. He can hump every prostitute and porn star in the country, and no one cares. He lost a beautiful and loyal wife and two very young children because of his licentious, lecherous actions. He's a loser at life.


he is single now so he can do whatever he wants as long as he takes care of his children who cares what he does? people get mad if he cheats on his wife now they getting mad cause he is just being human satisfying his urges better to do it single than married.


Cally, you are so right!!!!
Although Tiger Woods is back to his filthy w*h*o*r*e*s and sordid life, it is being reported that he is still asking Elin Nordegren for another opportunnity!!!Why can Tiger leave Elin alone and continues harrassing her??? Tiger lost a beautiful, decent and loyal wife because of his betrayal and it is time that he accept this!!! Elin Nordegren deserves to be happy and to marry a good, caring, loyal and decent man who will give her love, respect, more children and the stable family life that she always wanted!!! Best to you, Elin!!!


tìger prowling for meat, tiger wood prowling for chick, just kidding ...


He should be locked up? Are stoned or have you been cheated on asianchick? He should be on the next Jersey Shore and be given the name "The Penetration"!!! I agree, cheating is wrong. Especially when you're married and there are children involved. But, S-murr33 is right, the man is single now. He's not creeping. The Tiger is on the prowl!!!


God hes such a freaking bastard. Why the hell is he released from rehab???? He should just be locked up.


A tigers stripes never change. He has money & fame & hoes & gold diggers dig that. A woman that goes for a married man is nothing but a nasty hoe. She must be so insecure & immature.


Like S-Murr33 said about WHO CARES!!! Tiger is a single man. He can do what ever he wants to do, he can have a woman or 4 in every city he plays in and guess what its no ones business. Why don't you guys/gals get a f#$%&%g life. You all idolize movie stars who jump from person to person, he's a golfer. MY MY Cally above must have been a virgin when she was married or perhaps still is. My thoughts go get em Tiger and when your ready find the right one and settle down.


Move on folks. He loves to set new 'Records'... including the one for most $ paid for some 'Strange (insert feline slang here)' !!!

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