Mel Gibson: Lucia Photos Prove Oksana Lies

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Photos, or more accurately video screen grabs of Mel Gibson's daughter Lucia offer proof that the actor did not abuse the infant, according to his legal team.

Shot three days after the fight between Mel and Oksana Grigorieva during which she says he abused them, Gibson says the video proves she's a perjurer.

Poor Oksana

Oksana claims that during a Jan. 6 argument, Mel hit her twice, and the second blow grazed Lucia, drawing blood and creating an abrasion on her chin.

Will photo evidence clear Mel Gibson of domestic abuse charges?

Oksana Grigorieva submitted a photo in the custody case purporting to show Lucia's injury. But video from January 9 shows absolutely no evidence of an abrasion.

According to court documents, Mel's lawyers claim Oksana doctored the photo to prove a phantom injury - basically they say she's lying about Mel Gibson's abuse.

Mel admits he slapped Oksana January 6, but says it was one time, not hard, and only done to "bring her back to reality" because he feared she would hurt Lucia.

The day after the confrontation, Oksana took Lucia to her pediatrician, and made no mention of an injury, nor did the pediatrician see one. Very suspicious stuff.

Follow this link to peep TMZ's pics and see for yourself ...


Cheri Woods brought up some very valid points. 1. There is no evidence Mel abused his first wife. This does not mean he didn't yell at her; yelling is not abuse. 2. Those who abuse generally do so right away. That this didn't supposedly start until about 2 years into the relationship is suspect. Now none of this doesn't mean he doesn't drink, he doesn't lose it. That's not spousal abuse. This entire episode simply isn't falling along the lines most spousal abuse takes, and that makes it suspect to me. And Mikki - all the things you state show a personality disorder, but not abusive personality disorder, and that's what Miss O is claiming. If she were suing him for drunkenness or rage issues, that would be different. But that's NOT what she's suing him for. She's suing him for abuse, and the evidence for it just isn't there.


really.. I and the rest of the world are getting sick of hearing anybody and everybody WHINE about Racism this, anti-semite that. Really. Who gives a FUCK anymore. Violate my Rights, you got me on the other end of a gun.
Other then that.. didnt you learn your little rhyme in school..
Sticks and stones will break my bones BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT ME! Grow the FUCK up people.


mel wouldnt hv abused his former wife for 28 years of marriage, why that happened to oksana?


Oh Cherie still don't get it do you....already yourself a victim of domestic abuse...Mel did abuse Robyn indirectly, he had outbursts of racisism within the marriage, he is an alcoholic and a control freak....Cherie, read up on ANTI SOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDER....TRAITS OF A NARCISSIST/SOCIAPATH... thats Mel Gibson and possibly even you former husbands profile....Robin hasn't said everything she needs to reveal...Mels daughter Hannah is a wake up and is barring her Dad from family gatherings till he gets help....and he needs help...Alcohol, aging, smoking and prescrition medications only make psychopathy worse.


the whole thing is all about money for that Oksana, she will make up and say anything to get it all.. and i hope everyone gets the truth soon for the sake of the baby.


I agree with Cheri. Oksana knows how to push his buttons and then record him and she had this planned to 'get him'. she is very shrewd and calculating. I believe she is extorting him for money. She was caught in lying about the abuse to her daughter so she is not credible at all. It doesn't ring true to me at all.


Personally I think they're both to blame, both half looney in one way or another. She's a gold digger and he has a mean streak in him. Perfect combination for a marriage! LOL


I agree that something is wrong with this woman. That is obvious as she hooked up with Melanie Gibbon ... aka Mel Gibson.


She is delusional. She has played this game before with Timothy Dalton and others. Mel got her pregnant.Stupid mistake. He was in up to his eyeballs with the Hollywood moguls who wanted him run out of town. She conveniently appeared when he was at his lowest and most vulnerable. She set him up. She knew exactly how to play him. The million $$$ question: "who is pulling certifiable Oksana's strings."


AS {IF) ... oKY-MORON CLAIMS --- she was holding Lucia ... a MOTHER'S INSTINCT IS TO: PROTECT & CRADLE THE BABY. She had to BE HOLDING LUCIA'S FACE into the CRADLE OF HER ARM pit --- Lucia's HEAD (back of her head) would naturally to be TOWARD MEL. THERE IS NO WAY MEL *even ACCIDENTALLY STRUCK LUCIA ON THE CHIN/face –AS LONG AS OXY was holding her. MOTHERS always PROTECT a BABY’s HEAD & FACE ... safely COVERING Lucia’s HEAD into Oxy;s ample phony bosom. NO way Mel struck the baby’s FACE! Or, meant: Oxy UN-reasonably holding Lucia FACE-first (toward Mel). Holding the baby AWAY FROM OX’S body? Never. Nothing this schemer says MAKES ANY SENSE.

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