Meghan McCain to Bristol Palin: You're Ridiculous!

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Meghan McCain, the daughter of newly-reelected U.S. Sen. John McCain, thinks people who don't vote are ridiculous. She's talking to you, Bristol Palin!

The 20-year-old daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who's competing on ABC's Dancing With the Stars in L.A., said she forgot to vote absentee.

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"I'm going to be in trouble. Sorry, Mom!" she joked. Appearing on The Tonight Show last night, Meghan McCain didn't shy away from criticizing her.

Bristol Palin and Meghan McCain both had one parent on the Republican presidential ticket in 2008. That's about where their similarities begin and end.

"If you didn't vote in my family that was bad news. I've been voting since I turned 18," she said. "I guess it's only important for Bristol Palin to vote for Dancing With the Stars. A lot of women worked really hard to give us the right to vote."

"Anyone that doesn't is just ridiculous."

Yup, pretty much. Megs did not opine on whether there's a Bristol Palin conspiracy keeping her on Dancing With the Stars despite her atrocious moves.

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Hey evrey1 give the girl a break she needs help


I guess Meghan McCain didn't inherit any of her father's class. She sounds like a jealous, snotty little girl. Too bad, I am a big John McCain fan. At first, I had hoped she had political I hope she doesn't. She'd be another Nancy Pelosi. Another sour faced...lying..snot.


How can Bristol still be on Dancing with the Stars. She can't dance and some of those sent home certainly did better than she did. Is the show fixed? or is it because her last name is Palin? Either way, something is beginning to smell rotten.


put ur claws back in Megan you sounded like a jealous woman.. Yes Bristol should have voted but your remark about DWTS was beneath you and made you look silly.. want to be taken seriously stop acting like a child and stick to things that mean something.. That remark didnt..


Critizing somoneone else (Meghan McCain) does not make you a bigger person it only shows exactly how insecure you really our. Last I checked it was a free country and basically no ones business what Bristol Palin does or for what reason. She is the only one that will have to answer and live with her decisions. And I agree, the RIGHT to vote is not an OBLIGATION to vote, but a free choice as well. Doesn't make someone more a less if they do or don't.


My goodness--who could be jealous of ANY PALIN--You talk about someone needing to lose weight--B. Palin, no? It may help her uncoordinated, stiff as a board dancing......


You all must know that B. Palin's on the show for ratings. Everyone will tune in (except my me and hubby) to see how bad she is and be incensed. And James, that wasn't nice (maybe not even true)! Politics make everyone hot lately. But really, if you get it all, in the real, spritual sense, S. Palin is a mean, vindictive women (not to mention that she's not qualified to be anything but an aerial animal killer). The Republicans have been acting like angry fools. That's one of the reason why Obama is president. Because of the mean way McCain and Palin acted. It wound up smacking them in the face. Kindness--cool; ugliness--fool. Love and peace are in reason I'm so stoked that Simon is gone from American Idol--I can watch again.....Peace.....


I could care less about these two usless wenches!!


Yeah I agree with it being about jealousy because Palin is hot McCain is just OK!!! The Palins' took the spotlight and the McCains' became the shadows... If McCain lost a little weight though I think she could look really sexy!!!


Meghan McCain is just jealous that she'll never be on "Dancing With The Stars". While I do despise shows like that, I think Meghan McCain is just a fat cow trying to get into the spotlight by trashing everyone. McCain is not one to speak about voting, I wouldn't admit to voting for someone as soft as her flip-flopping father.

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