Dancing With the Stars: A Bristol Palin Conspiracy

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Bristol Palin is now in the final five on Dancing With the Stars.

Who will she outlast next? Rick Fox's elimination last night, and Audrina Patridge shockingly getting the heave-ho the week before prove that no one is safe.

Jaleel White and Kym Johnson

The question is how it's even possible. Sure, she's better than David Hasselhoff or The Situation. But Rick and Audrina had the moves and the flair, and Bristol doesn't even want to be there. Her words and body language have said as much.

STILL STANDING: Week after week, Bristol Palin beats superior Dancing With the Stars competition. How long can it go on? Could she actually win this thing?!

It's still a stretch to think that she could best Brandy and Jennifer Grey to actually win DWTS, but another week or two? Doesn't seem impossible right now.

Her talent is average at best, her effort mediocre, and fan support ostensibly lacking. What gives? There has to be some sort of diabolical plot at work here.

A couple of Bristol Palin conspiracy theories:

  • Sarah Palin has the entire Tea Party movement and everyone on her PAC email list dialing and robo-texting like madmen after every episode.
  • ABC rigs the results so she stays and we give the show free publicity with ridiculous articles like this one. Game, set, match, network execs!
  • Their Russian neighbors are voting around the clock.
  • Voters fear an attack by a swarm of Mama Grizzlies.
  • Christine O'Donnell cast a spell on DWTS phone lines.
  • The Teen Mom demographic is bigger than realized.

Maybe we're off base and she's more popular than we think. You can help clear that up. Who are you rooting for on Dancing with the Stars?


What is without saying, are the nasty comments about Bristol. Personally, Bristol has the right to be on DWTS,as she was invited to be part of the program. All the petty remarks about having an illegitimate child is so low down and nasty; so what does that say about some commenting on this site? Maybe some of you are illegitimate and no one has bothered to tell you; ya think?? Whie, I am surprised that Brandy is not in the finale, I still think Bristol has done a good job. I would like to see some of the nasty minded people on this site enter into a dancing contest on national television, where you could experience some of the hate that has been dished out to Bristol.
Bristol is a beautiful young woman, who gave her son the gift of life and for that, she is to be admired. Her only mistake was having anything to do with Levi,


The show has always been that the veiwer vote.. that is how it was created. I also feel that Brandy is a better dancer that Bristol, However it's the viewer who get to put in there opinion also and more viewer are supporting Bristol that is the name of the game..


I will never watch Dancing with the stars again. The last two dancers are wasting thier time showing up. Goodbye to DWTS and your tv station


This is a popularity contest when it should be a talent one. Bristol did improve some but not to the point of being a winner. She should be home all this time taking care of her illigitamate child. I will never watch the show again or vote Repulican. The Palin family is a disgrace starting with her mother the drama queen.


I too have been disappointed in the final results of past DWTS. I did not think Donny Osmond should of won but I did not respond with such hate as I have read in these comments. I agree with Morgan-Bristol is young and does not have the dance experience that Jennifer came to the show with nor the "star" background that the rest of them have. I think the show is just as much about who has most improved as much who is "the best dancer who was actually taught by Patrick Swayze."


I knew that Dancing with the star were fixed now i know for sure,,,Because in the HELL a nobody Bristol beat Brandy!!!!!I will never watch thi show again..I how it's taking off the AIR...THIS IS BULLSHIT...


I love dancing and that is why I watch the show. As far as I'm concerned the show is over and now it's taking on a political agenda. I'll pass on the rest of the shows.


"DANCING WITH THE STARS" is Bristol Palin a star? maybe someone shd. check if she is even qualified to be there. so enough giving excuses for her. the whole thing is getting worst with this dancing with the stars this show should be cancelled, I can't forget the insult Bruno gave to one of the contestant it is a big insult. I am am not watching this show anymore.


I am not going to go as far as to say that the voting is rigged, but, I will say that she has a lot of people out here that vote for her, whatever the reason. I think she is a fish outta water, and looks very uncomfortable out there on the dance floor. She also stated that she was home sick for her family and son, that she wanted to go home, but, pride will allow us to do things and stay in things that we know we should walk away from.


whats the shows real format the best polished dancer and entertainer or the least skilled non dancer and not an entertainer?if the bested skilled/with entertainment experience is their goal they need to not bring on the non skilled with the intent of creating contriversy the judges also need to learn to be impartial and stop showing their preferences through their facial expresses and word lastly those that watch the show and do not vote should keep their opions to themselves because their not voting was 1 or more less votes for their favorite also Ive voted and was never allowed to exceed the max allowed

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We should have started dancing with one arm waaay before.

Cristian de la Fuente [following his injury, trip to the hospital and subsequent stellar performance]

I am not the best dancer, and I have not been the best dancer from the beginning. I am happy we made it this far.

Cristian de la Fuente