Bristol Palin Forgets to Vote, Wants Mom to Run

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Making it to the final five on Dancing With the Stars is hard work. So hard that Bristol Palin admitted she didn't vote in this week's midterm elections.

"I did not send in my absentee ballots to Alaska," the daughter of Sarah Palin confessed in an interview. "I'm going to be in trouble. Sorry, mom!"

BP in the House

Too bad for mom, since Palin-backed Tea Party favorite Joe Miller needs every vote he can get in a tooth-and-nail battle for U.S. Senate. Oops.

BRISTOL THE PISTOL: Hey, give the younger Palin a break. Votin', schmotin'. She's workin' hard out there on the dance floor, all so she can support her kid.

We're guessing she'd remember to vote in 2012.

Asked if her she wants her mom to make a run for the White House, Bristol Palin said, "Of course. I know she is great, and she is great for our country."

A polarizing figure, Sarah Palin has been flirting openly with the idea but has not definitively said she will. What do you think? Should Sarah Palin run?


Shitstol could be the poster child for safe sex for someone else.


Perhaps she should be at home raising her child instead of being such a media whore. The only thing these Palins are good at is pumping out babies. Too bad they have no interest in actually being parents. And they have such an over-inflated sense of self-importance to go along with their nasty attitudes. Instead of pretending to be a "star" she needs to learn about birth control and stop breeding. There are already enough stupid people in the world.


She doesn't have a sense of civic duty. I guess TaraElla was right about her.


If she actually wins presidency I'm moving far away...


Are you people insane? This woman QUIT the only office she was elected to. You really think she's fit to run the country? She's uneducated and... You know what. Its not even worth it. She's not fit to run anything other than her household.


Who could possibly be voting for Sarah Palin in these polls? Are you all trolling or something? It's working. If not, I hope you find comfort knowing you want America to fail hard.

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