Kendra Wilkinson on Holiday Playboy Cover: Hardest Decision Ever!

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Life is really tough for a pretend single mother.

Just days after Kendra Wilkinson cried about living apart from her husband for a few weeks, while he earns hundreds of thousands of dollars playing professional football, the centerfold has returned to the magazine that made her famous.

Kendra Wilkinson Tabloid Cover

Indeed, Kendra graces the cover of Playboy's Christmas issue, putting to rest the rumor she started about not posing for that publication again.

Wilkinson says that going forward with the pictorial was "the hardest decision I've ever had to make in my life," making it clear once and for all: she's had a pretty awesome life.

She adds: "I'm 25, I have a son. If I don't do Playboy now I probably won't ever do Playboy again... I want to say 'F' you to the world and say 'moms can be sexy'."

Note to Kendra: Gisele Bundchen is a mother. So is Heidi Klum. Christina Aguilera has a kid, too. We know moms can be sexy, thanks.


i think Kendra is her own person & can do what she pleases with herself & her child; if hank doesn't support her that is his problem. she is healthy as well as her child & until he is in danger then she is a good mother in my eyes. we do not know their situations & there may be things no one knows going on financially, that they are working to pay for. mind you own businesses & leave her alone.


Well Said Leo! Now mail it to Kendra's fanatics so they can get it to her immediately.


yea i wouldn't do it no matter what you just don't do that when you are a mom what if your child look at it when he is older she should said no hank can do s much better then her and she still talking about getting nake all the time just watch her thrid season show and i don't know why she should brought her baby in the whore house now i wouder what hanks mom and dad say now about kendra ?


completely agree with leo he said everything i wanted plus more...hank u can be with me lol, im in school to be a dentist and i will never show my ass off to millions of men, thats what a wife is sapose to do. :-*


Omg ' kendra u where da bomb b4 . U a crazy neat bitch , i luved u:-):-) what da hell have u done . I.m shocked .WHAT Sort of women r u, The hide of u 2 do that u otta be ashamed of u self u r crossed off my list n t.v shows ,no longer a fan. Bye bitch




seriously, disapointd. thought she was bttr thn tht. playboy b4 she was marrd its undrstndble but now its just plain drty... rmmbr wht they say u cant mke a h@£ into a house wife...


ok she is just like kim kardashian she has a sextape outthere and she has a baby boy and now she is on the playboy cover i knew that she can't stay away from the playboy she is a ho and skank i hope hank relizes that he is weasting his time and money on her i bet his mom and dad is getting a layer to fight for the baby i wish hank leave her i can't believe she play a front on tv and to everybody she is a lair and a plastic ho


WOW shocking...Just another hypocrite in Hollywood. I hope Hank leaves her skanky ass way better out here anyways!


Remember when Playboy had actual celebrities pose for their magazine? That was a long time ago. With the invention of the internet and free porn what is the purpose of Playboy?

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