Ke$ha at the AMAs: Pics & Performance Video!

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Ke$ha treated viewers of the American Music Awards to a typical live performance last night:

Poor singing, unusual outfits and many visual effects.

Indeed, this singer will never have the vocal range of Christina Aguilera (on display at the AMAs HERE) nor the emotional depth of Taylor Swift (as evidenced by this performance), but that's not what Ke$a is aiming for. She just wants to entertain. You tell us: Did she accomplish that goal at the this event?

Live, Off Tune Performance
Ke$ha on Stage
Ke$ha at the AMAs

yes she (ke$ha) did succeed 2 entertain


that was just horrible omg my good is that music or what nooooooooo....................i am not a singer but not was so horrible


great performance continue to work hard thou


This is what music has come to. Absolutely HORRIBLE. I'd rather live in pure silence than listen to that crap!


People that cannot play guitar should not be allowed to play them let alone break them. I wish GWAR would have hijacked the stage and fed this waste of an entertainer to the squid monster.


Granted the performance is kinda cool but OMG. So. Much. Autotune.

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