Taylor Swift Goes Back to December at the AMAs, Earns Major Award

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It was a good night for Taylor Swift at the American Music Awards.

While the singer didn't dominate the evening like a certain shaggy-haired 16-year old, she was named the top Female Country Artist on the planet. Swift also performed her single "Back to December," mixing in a bit of One Republic’s “Apologize" with the ballad.

Watch the following video of this critically acclaimed performance and then click on photos of Taylor on stage at the event:

  • A Serious Performance
  • Heading Back to December
  • Back to December Performance
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yeah i agree that taylor was writing about taylor lautner in her mix of the two songs. and honestly i liked it! i dont agree about what happened between her annd taylor lautner and i also agree that she totally messed up. but honestly i give her alot of credit for at least trying to apologize to him publicly. Will the two of the go out again? i dont think so and i dont think she thinks that they will either. But, she still gets alot of credit from me for the whole apology.


no matter what people say about taylor swift, whether or not she can sing, she messed up with her choice of mixing that song with another song,the break up with that dude, and the list goes on and on with ya'll. it's stupid. u gotta give the girl credit, Back to December is probably THE BEST lyrically written song of the decade. HANDS DOWN. very deep lyrics. give credit where credit is due.


I give Taylor credit!! As she says her fans get her she is not the greatest vocalist(neither was Bob Dylan in the 70's) but she is real and doesn't lip sink or use all the other tech. that cover bad singers(Brittany, Keisha,Miley)and she has made history for herself. Like her or not many people do. She is certainly a good role model compared to most if what is out there today! Go
Taylor....We Love U


finalley one person relizes


wow her live performance SUCKS compared to her cd! im really disappointed:/


taylor lautner is right its to late she messed up she knew she had a great guy and like im keep telling yall thats what she does get a guy and make a hit song and album well was a hit album thanks for sueson bolyer?


I think she mixed it's to late to apolgize in with her song Is because that's what talylor lautner sang in YouTube years before going out with her and nows she's saying she sorry an she regrets what she did and that's she's telling is song is about talyor launter. I think she sang this song very well and she wants talyor lautner back but it's to late and she really messed up this time!


I give Taylor Swift a lot of hell because I think she is overrated and can't sing for shit, but I have to say she sang quite nicely for this song!!!


Ok so I thought this was brilliant. I dont know why people aren't talking about the actual mix of the two songs more. It seems obvious that Taylor Lautner told her that its 'too late to apologize' and shes still trying to get him back...Love that she shares with the world. :)


Love the song. I think she did awesome performance at the AMA.