Christina Aguilera at the AMAs: Pics & Performance Video!

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Christina Aguilera used the American Music Awards as a platform for her upcoming movie, Burlesque.

You can watch a clip from that upcoming musical HERE, and can also be treated to a preview of a song off its soundtrack below.

The newly-single singer belted out "Express” during the event, which was held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. The tune is courtesy of this November 24 release, co-starring Cher and featuring Aguilera in her first big screen role. Watch the following video and then check out stills of Christina performing:

  • Expressing Herself
  • Burlesque Performance Pic
  • Xtina at the AMAs
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@yuck: First of all, Christina Aguilera DOES NOT have a reputation for being some crazy boozer, and she's actually in better shape than a lot of Americans. I guess some haters just can't appreciate curvy women and expect them to all be anorexic skin-and bones. No wonder why so many young girls have body image issues. although not as skinny as she used to be,Christina Aguilera is a great singer and a great performer. Better than you losers.


Damn Samantha get that stick outta your ass!! They are opinions so take a chill pill and you shut the fuck up!!


ok. im one of her fans and who gives a flying fuck of what she does. she is who she is and any that say she looked like a "fatty" fuck you. she had a kid obviously shes not gonna look the same and i bet you didnt have the body she had. so can shut up.


I agree YUCK!! Wonder if she fuckes the chicks in her dance group??


She should fire her stylist...NOW....the belt made her look like a fatty...her make-up was just clownish...her hair extenstions and color were all over the place & aged her about 20 years!! She needs to stop boozing it up & work out, if she wants to parade around in her underwear....


So they made a sequel to Chicago???