Katy Perry AMA Performance: "Firework" Fizzles

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We love Katy Perry personally and think some of her songs are really catchy, but her live singing skills were a bit suspect at the American Music Awards.

It's hard to watch her rendition of "Firework" (below) and not think that, but that's just our opinion. What do you think? Did she knock it out of the park?

In her defense, at least she TRIED to sing live, which is more than we can say for some of the no-talent hacks who masquerade as musicians. Also, the boys' choir was a nice touch, and that tear-away dress? An even nicer touch ...

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White celebrities get all the breaks. If this was Beyonce or Nicki there is no room for error. Just admit. It was not the best performance. I personally like her, but you can see she is lip singing, the music is too loud and drowning out her taped track. It could have been better.


First of all, album versions always sound different from live performances. Second, I thought she did a great job. I think the reason so many people say that she did terribly is because her voice is really unique, and for some, is an acquired taste. It has a raw and slightly parched quality, combined with a fluttery falsetto. She has a one-of-a-kind talent and I believe that live performances showcase her gift even more.I find her voice breathtakingly beautiful. She's not just another typical cookie-cutter pop star.


"Firework Fizzles?" That was an amazing performance!!!!


Firework is a very hard song to sing, and she was probably very nervous to sing in front of all those people who are her peers and most of them have been doing them way longer then her & are more popular then her, try and sing the song. its not easy, judging people when you have no room to is probably not the best idea. She has an amazing voice and think what you want but i have been following her career for a very long time and she is amazing , better then anyone out there today.


I think that Katy should be given credit for at least doing it the real way and actually trying to sing her songs instead of lip-synching them. I admit that she doesn't have the greatest 'live' singing voice, but how in the hell are you supposed to have two hit albums and not tour and sing the songs? I've never heard of someone having hits like hers and not touring and performing them live.


Nobody at the AMA's sang well, especially at the beginning of their songs. It wasnt there fault, if you actually watched it sober everyone had severe audio trouble, due to noise interference if you cant here yourself sing over the instruments, Celine Dion would have had trouble. Once Katy belted out her great voice she sounded great as always, and if you dont know what Youtube is, you better move out of your mommy's house little boy and grow a pair! You ignorant baboon, sorry I shouldnt have insulted baboons so bad.


Her SNL performance was just so-so. But every other performance I've seen her do has been god-awful, from the AMAs to GMA to Letterman. She's one of the very few that SHOULD lip-sync when she does shows like that, just to save the audience some serious pain and ear-bleeding.


katy perry is fine idk wtf any of yous is talking about


awesome song really but maby shes not so good at live performance. u cant say that she is have no talent,she got so many top hits recently


aq maho lho

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