Sarah Palin to American Idol Contestants: You Are All No-Talent Hacks!

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Yes, this is a real story.

In Sarah Palin’s latest book, America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag, due out next week, she takes on a number of weighty topics. Presumably.

According to excerpts leaked today, she also lambasts American Idol for fostering a "cult of self-esteem." You know, since no one tells the singers they're bad!

Ninth Idol

WE'RE #1! Sorry, Lee DeWyze, but according to some observers, you're not.

"No one they have encountered in their lives - from parents to teachers to their president - wanted them to feel bad by hearing the truth," opines Sarah Palin.

She says Idol trots out a "seemingly endless supply of people who can’t sing but are deluded enough to get in front of a national television audience anyway.”

[Rebuttal rendered unnecessary]

Does the star of Sarah Palin's Alaska think the show's judging isn't harsh enough? Or shouldn't exist because it encourages mediocre singers to think they're stars?

Is this really necessary or accurate? While some Idol products are bad, the show did produce Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry and other stars.

As far as the broader narrative (we think) she's going for, we sort of agree that kids are coddled nowadays, but ... we're still a bit unclear on what her point is.

In any case, Sarah needn't worry that everyone out there is afraid to tell the truth. We've totally done so regarding Willow Palin's homophobia. You're welcome.


I am anti-Palin as anybody, but "Free Britney," you really need stick to simpler subjects. First of all, after "topics" try a hyphen rather than a period. And on the content of what Palin was saying, she did not mean all of them have no talent. She was referring to the ones who blow up when Simon tells them the truth. Talk about twisting someone's words around...


Sarah Palin is crossing the line here, I think. She better stick to what she knows best, this will step on too many toes.


Ok, so Sarah Palin says AI puts out a "seemingly endless supply of people who can’t sing but are deluded enough to get in front of a national television audience anyway.� So, isn't that what she's doing??!! HELLO!! She's deluded and gets in front of national television all the time.


In fairness to Sarah, who is basically a no-talent herself, I think she was referring to the tone-deaf fools with awful voices who travel many miles and wait in line for hours to embarrass themselves on TV, not the talented few who actually do make it to the Hollywood auditions. If those people who get to Hollywood are no-talents, then shame on the judges (especially Simon Coweel), who should know better.


No this B***h didn't....LMAO!!!! KMSL!!!


Sarah Palin is an even bigger tool than Lee DeWyze, is what she's trying to say, I think.

Avatar keep spewing the hate, nonstop....if you want to be all political, you need to write about Obama & his problem with spending money....his billion dollar entourage, Michelle's million dollar dress budget....all from our pockets....that is just over the past month. He has doubled the federal deficit, placing more debt on the American people than all the other presidents, combined. Yet, youchoose to focus on Sarah Palin....she doesn't even hold any political office or have any impact on our nation. Focus on what matters....she mayhave plenty of ambition; but, conservatives had problems even placing her as VP on the ticket (due to her experience, or lack of). We are not liberals...we would not place a tricked out, inexperienced, puppet on the pulpit, to put on a show. I'm waiting for a White House Cribs episode....I bet they are working on a deal, right now.


That´s right Sarah girl, just like yourself, they are non-talented people !


Interesting comments from a woman whose daughter is neither talented nor a star but is somehow competing in Dancing with the Stars....hypocracy much?


The Palin family doesn't seem to have much talent, and yet they're on TV anyway. People in glass houses....

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