Justin Bieber Answers YOUR Questions!

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It was anything but a Black Friday for residents of New York City yesterday.

That's because Justin Bieber made multiple appears in the Big Apple, first giving an interview to Today in which he answered a number of fan e-mails; and then stopping by a Barnes & Noble to sign copies of his autobiography.

Watch Justin discuss his American Music Awards victory below, along with his upcoming acoustic album and 3D movie. Then, click on photos of the artist from his book store signing:

Barnes, Noble & Bieber
Holding a Best-Seller
Justin in NYC

i love i jb so much n all ur songs am clarita show


i love justin bieber he is amazing ♥♥♥♥♥


hi justin iam iranian my name is paniz please you answer my comment


can you love a gril from your fans




Hi justin i just got a said i love you i wanted to go to your concert but i cant go because your pass vip where very expencive and my parents cant buy me so im sorry i really wanted to go but i cant go :(

Taran kaur

hi justin bieber i love u!!!!!!!! i want to ask u a question which celeberity fan were u before u became one. do u have a crush on anyone. And do u liketo read books if yes which book???Pls answer this question pls!!!!!!!


justin i love your hair and songs. I LOVE YOU:)


hai justin bieber
how are jou
my name is eunice
and i am 13 years old
i love your songs and your voice
but i don`t love you or like you
i am a litte fan of you
and i am a big fan of myself


I love u justin forget the hater they will always just get your u dont need people to becoz there is one how loves u more than the world GOD becoz u are his perfect creation


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