Rick Fox Eliminated on Dancing With the Stars

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Last week's shocking elimination of Audrina Patridge on Dancing With the Stars certainly proved that anyone's fair game, but still, we didn't see this one coming.

Rick Fox is out the door now.

Despite earning personal-best scores this season and tying for the highest totals overall for his individual routine, the NBA star will be watching from the bench.

Cheryl Burke, Rick Fox

Cheryl and Rick are out the door somehow. Go figure.

Despite besting Kyle Massey, Kurt Warner and Bristol Palin, who doesn't even want to be there anymore, Rick apparently didn't do it for voters. Pretty shocking.

Too bad, because like Audrina, he's actually one of the better dancers this season. He's decent, works very hard, made strides and was genuinely fun to watch.

"It's been amazing. It's been a transformational journey for my relationship with my girlfriend and with my daughters," said Rick, who's now with Eliza Dushku.

Not sure we would have been so diplomatic.

How is Bristol Palin still around? Is there a conspiracy in play? Was it a GOP wave that swept Democrats out of the House this election night? A backlash among Laker fans after Fox showed up in his Celtic-green giant outfit (he played for both)?

We may never know.

Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke Picture

We'll miss you, Jolly Green Giant.

All we do know is that scores and performances evidently mean nothing, otherwise Bristol the Pistol would likely be on a plane to Wasilla right about now.

She probably wishes she were, that's the irony. Maybe this is reverse psychological punishment for her half-assed efforts of late. You're STAYING!

We're kidding, mostly. But you do have to wonder what viewers are thinking with these past two eliminations. They both should still be here with us. Alas.

Who are you rooting for with Rick gone?


I think that the persons best qualify to decide who leaves or who stay are the judges, based on the performance of the dancers and not on the viewers vote. Best example Bristol Palin, this is not about politics....people what were you thinking when you vote out Brandy? She is much better dancer than BP. How could the american people let this happen!!!!!!!


I've heard that Eliza Dusku's presence during Rick's rehearsal did him in. Many people found it distasteful (she appreared to be riding him and that was a bit tacky) and just did not vote for him. They were tired of seeing her. He's always managed to get the votes so something had to have happened that had nothing to do with Bristol Palin. I do agree that Bristol should have been elimated after the first few shows. My guess is that she will win this thing. It won't be good for Dancing With The Stars. People already think this show is rigged.


Bristol deserved to go the week they sent Florence home. The girl has little talent, plasters a fake smile on her face when she isn't outright frowning, and obviously does not want to be there (although I'm sure she's already deposited the check.) For the fans of her mother to keep this girl around is not fair to the people like Rick who were improving every week and were actually fun to watch. Watching Bristol is not fun, it's painful. Send her home to her mother, who may now get out of our face since the voting is over. Right.


I was shocked when audrina was voted off last week but more shocked when rick was voted off last night.i love dwts but i think they should change the name to dancing with anyone !!! this season started bad with the way a judge spoke about m. bolton's dancing(should have critiqued it in a respectful way).i sure hope that bristol and kurt will be gone next time; i know i'm done watching the show- audrina , rick and florence are gone-no one exciting to watch is left !!!!!!


It is an absolute outrage that Rick and Cheryl were eliminated,
and Bristol is still hanging around,whinning and crying about how much she misses her family and Alaska.The sand is her hourglass has already ran out.


Bristol is a sweet girl. And that's it, not a dancer. Everyone gets hurt with the way DWTS is handling this one. And if Bristol wins it all? How will she feel about that? She knows she wasn't the best of all dancers. How will she justify it to herself? Won't even she have questions how it happened?


I'm not getting it. DWTS has been my favorite show since it began. Audrina?? Rick Fox??? Who's it going to be next week?? Maks???? It's #%$%!


Disgraceful. Rewarding bad performances, eliminating the good. The only redeeming factor left is Macks. Can't believe Rick was let go. Has been a bright spot in the season. Lights out now. Show needs an overhaul bigtime.


I think this show has got so far away from what it's about dancing not politics and who's popular. America what are you thinking you are calling in to vote for the best dancer not for any other reason. This has truly caused some issues in the show and for me I'm really mad at the people who are voting this makes no since at all. It reminds me of high school voting for popularity and not for the real reasons haven't we grown up at all people.


I hope brandy makes it to end


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We should have started dancing with one arm waaay before.

Cristian de la Fuente [following his injury, trip to the hospital and subsequent stellar performance]

I am not the best dancer, and I have not been the best dancer from the beginning. I am happy we made it this far.

Cristian de la Fuente