Adam Lambert: In Purple, Pot-Filled Haze

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Adam Lambert often lights up whatever city in which he performs.

This is typically due to impressive visual effects that have followed the artist around the globe on his Glam Nation Tour. However, in Amsterdam last night, Lambert took the concept to another level, appearing to smoke marijuana on stage.

The pot comes out around the three-minute mark of another Purple Haze rendition, as Jimi Hendrix would certainly wouldn't approve of this drug use. So would the city itself, which has no laws against marijuana.

Watch, see for yourself and decide if you're cool with the sight of Adam puffing away in front of fans:

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Give me a break. First off the people who do most of the bitching about marijuana have never even tried it. It was a Friday nite staple in 73. I can also say I am not and did not get addicted to any other drug. Pain killers are addictive and cause more under the influence than marijuana does or ever did. Why do we put these people on such high regard that we say they are role models? Parents are totally responsible for making sure their kids are OK. Are you also banning Miley Cyrus for being a bad role model now when she was totally ok as Hannah Montana? People just enjoy the music. You don't have to watch the show.


"Adam is not awesome, he is part of the problem of tomorrow." Because America should strive for perfection.


Hm, he's definitely NOT a good role model, but he IS an amazing singer. It just strikes me as odd that he would do something that could, in the long run, harm his incredible voice. I don't really approve of it, but I'm gonna try my best not to hate him for it. It happened only one time(on stage, I mean)!!


First, why do everyone assume that people who complain about Adam smoking on stage do it because they're shocked ? I'm not shocked, I'm just a little upset about it. Now I'm not judging Adam and he's free to do whatever he wants and he's still an amazing singer, performer and person, but I can't help not liking the fact he smokes marijuana. And yet I'm young, I'm not american and I'm VERY open minded. So don't jump on conclusions. Second, since when did "legal" become a synonym for "good" ?


Bravo Raye, I understand what your getting at. Don't feel bad, my kids think I'm a pain in the ass too! I love Adam, I have no problem with MJ. But I don't think Adam is a good role model for younger kids. Parents need to be attentive and good teachers.


Your objectivity is gone when it comes to Adam. My panties are not in a wad, I'm laughing now, this conversation is over your head, pot is not a big deal and was never my point, sex has nothing to do with this conversation and Adam Lambert is not a God. I disagree with what you think, and that to you is a problem. You are upset because I have an opinion different than yours, so I am a pain in the ass. I thought these discussions were supposed to support opinions? Where is my acceptance? Acceptance does not mean you are about Love. Sometimes it even happens because you learn not to care or don't give a crap. Since you know nothing about me, I will leave you to your imagination of 6 packs and violence, to support what you think is okay. I'm sure you want me to go away, so I will.


It's legal in Amsterdam. Kid Cudi smoked a joint and passed some out to fans at his Amsterdam concert.


I don't believe it was pot just by the way he was smoking it. There was more blowing smoke then there was inhaling it.


Raye: You are a pain in the ass. Making a huge deal out of something that simply isn't. I am sure your old man can sit there with a six-pack of beer, right? Maybe you don't mind that. Remember, Adam is in another country which has a different outlook on marijuana use, which even though I personally don't use it, I know it isn't nearly as dangerous as that six-pack of beer!


Adam was in Amsterdam. It's really ok there. NOT in the U.S. Have you ever seen him do that on stage here? NO! So get your panties outta the bunch and get a life, learn to laugh!