Excuse Adam Lambert While He Kisses Some Guy...

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Adam Lambert paid homage to Jimi Hendrix at a concert in France last night.

And to the countless music fans that have often mistaken the lyrics to this icon's classic 1967 single "Purple Haze."

As part of his Glam Nation Tour in Europe, Lambert treated concert goers to a rendition of this single, switching up the words from "Excuse me while I kiss the sky" to "Excuse me while I kiss some guy." Not merely apt for Adam, the latter verse has been sung so often that a website has actually been created in its honor.

Performing in Paris, France
  • Rocking Out in France
  • Lambert in France
  • An Intense Look
  • On Stage in France
  • Hot Man on Man Action!

Click on the images above to enlarge shots of Lambert on stage. Then, sit back, relax and watch the video of him covering Hendrix below. It's great stuff.

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@Junior Entertainment is something you don't know about because you're used to 90's stars standing frozen behind a mic clad with plaid shirts on.


In one of the pictures of him wearing the purple, velvet fringe jacket, your caption was "his basic outfit on stage." This is not correct. It's his FIRST outfit he's wearing while on stage. He takes it off right before he sings Ring of Fire, the last song of the Medley he begins his set with. Look up the Sleepwalker video where he comes out in a floor-length, black jacket. Then he has another costume-change for Sure Fire Winners where he's wearing a black and blue vest and pair of pants and boots. He adds a Blue, and black/white striped long-tailed jacket for Strut. @Junior, how much simpler can he get wearing a vest and pants? He means for his first outfit to be OTT. It's called entertaining and performance. You know, something you don't know about because 90


Personally I can't think of another artist you can inject so many different styles and moods into a one-hour set. And if he wants to kiss some guy (ICU TommyJoe) that's... well great actually. It should be encouraged really if people are *still* flipping out over it. Open your minds bunnies.


Lol. He is awesome.


I don't know about this style. There is too much going on there. It's like a treasure hunt to find Adam Lambert underneath it all. I like Adam Lambert. I am just not feeling his styles. It's like he is trying too hard to go over the top. Tone it down and get real. Even though, I don't consider Adam to be a knock out gorgeous guy and I think underneath the costumes he is kind of bland, I still feel that he can pull off a less extreme costumy style and still look "himself". Adam is "out". Being "out" doesn't necessarily mean someone is completely in touch with his/her sexuality and/or sexiness. Adam needs to get in touch with his sexiness and express that "with" his music without hiding under too much artificial external stuff. If he is going to do this costumy stuff and wear all that makeup, then it all needs to "connect" with who he is inside sexually and spiritually, otherwise, it just looks like a guy wearing too much make-up or parading arouind in costumes.


Are you two peeps serious? If you want to pay good money just to see a performer stand behind the microphone for 1 whole hour, there's Kris Allen. If you want a real performer, there's Adam Lambert. I don't know where you've been, but Adam's far from being the first performer to have a sexy show.


Come on !!! Just an hour ... Felt so dissapointed :( He was really good though !


I was at this show in Paris, the show was good but come on!!! He only sang 1 hour!!!


I agree with chica - I'm 17 and have only heard Jimi Hendrix' name, nothing more. Now I might even check out his music... I think when Adam covers a song, it actually exposes the artist (and song) to a new audience, and it only brings more benefit to that artist...


I used to like Adam Lambert, but I am beginning to agree with TaraElla's view that he is a bad role model for the gay community.