Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal: Spotted Around NYC!

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Is the world ready for Gyllenswift?

According to witnesses, Taylor Swift was backstage at Saturday Night Live this weekend, supporting friend and host Emma Stone. But the singer wasn't alone: Jake Gyllenhaal was by her side.

“She looked like she was dreaming while she was there," reports Lainey Gossip. "And they left together. And they’ve been seen all around New York together: brunch, shopping, what people do when they start dating."

Speaking, Singing Now
Jake the Great

What do you think of the potential for Gyllenswift/Swyllenhaal?

Swift has been in the news a lot lately, mostly because her new album comes out today, but also because at least one of the singles off it is clearly dedicated to John Mayer. And not in a good way.

In other words: if this rumor is true, the 29-year old Gyllenhaal - who dated Reese Witherspoon for two years - might wanna be careful. He doesn't want Taylor to title a song "Dear Jake" on her next CD.

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@kimi: just so you know, miley didn't write all the songs in her album. I doubt it she can write 16 songs or so on her own like Taylor does in her new album. Look, everyone has their own opinion and you shouldn't interfere with it. And I didn't say you're wrong to like Miley.


And Miley Cyrus wrote every song on Can't Be Tamed as well. What about John Lennon? One of the best song writers in the world. Tay compared to other song writers- she looks like a tiny white dot in the sky. And we're all allowed opinions. Obviously she's not like Taylor Momsen- as in TS isn't a whacked whore on drugs. All I'm saying is that she should empower single women instead of involving her songs with guys.


Kimi, do you know Taylor personally? When was the last time you saw her out with a guy? The last time she was seen out with a guy seriously was with Taylor Lautner. Yes there was speculation about her being with John Mayer but we don't know that for sure. She worked with him months and months ago and hasn't been seen with him since so how would you know that she plays the field? Sounds like someone is biased and by the way obviously her "in love" sound works for her. Are you making millions of dollars and putting out 3 best selling albums writing almost every single song on all of them? Yeah probably not!


Sure Miles ain't an adult yet, but the point is there. But how about this one. She doesn't jump from one to another like Taylor. Playing the field is not what she's doing. She's acting in love with everything in pants so fans can hate them when they break up and ignite a halo around her bird nest head.


Didn't she just turn 16?


"Uhm didn't she just break up with John?" Clearly there was nothing to 'break off' They were not an 'item 'per se. They were co writing together for his next cd and they clearly hooked up cause we know what a fool for 'love' sweet innocent Taylor is and whatta "player' Mayer is(love his music anyway!)Over done with everyone get on with it now. Taylor should play the field.At her age why not? She's got no reason to settle for anyting but the best so she should have fun while she is free.


So she talks about John being an older guy and taking advantage of her then moves on to another one? Hard to feel sorry for her. Also, why are there no pictures? I never understood how sources can say they've seen a celebrity all about town(a BIG one at that) yet there aren't any pictures of it? Kimi- Miley was and is underage. She's dated both Justin and Liam. Both ADULT men. Taylor is and was an adult. That's a bad biased comparison, sorry.


I totally disagree with AnnA... While I do think Taylor is too young for Jake, she is a star in her own right and doesn't need to "ride the wave of success of her previous boyfriends"... it's the other way around! To have the talent, beauty and success that she has at her age is incredible and any guy would be lucky to walk NYC with her!


Jake should move on. She seems to jump from one to another.



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