Relationship Between Danielle Staub and Lori Michaels Deemed "Physical, Complicated"

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In July, we asked whether Lori Michaels was the girlfriend or the publicity pawn of Danielle Staub. Turns out, the answer lies somewhere in between.

Sources tell Radar Online that the insane former Real Housewife and the openly gay singer were never an official item - but they did get "physical" together (yech!) and they did have a "connection."

Blowing Bubbles

"Lori was never going to put herself in a place where she was going to run away with Danielle," says the insider. "It became a complicated relationship."

Interesting. Tell us more, anonymous source!

"Lori doesn't do crazy. It's been a series of things. The truth is they both tried to make the relationship work on many levels... Danielle does her thing and Lori does hers. Lori appreciates the goodness when Danielle was able to give it, and I'm sure she appreciates what Lori has done."

What Lori did, of course, was enable Staub to extend her 15 minutes of fame and exploit the gay community in a despicable manner.

What caused the pair to go their separate ways? "The Danielle Staubness," this acquaintance says, concluding:

"Danielle's an all-or-nothing person and maybe it'll have to be the nothing because Lori's not dealing with the all."


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Look here ellie-POO: Oh and am I going to feel sorry for this washed-up crack whore because she had a bad childhood?? Who the fuck hasn't and even to those lucky ones that didn't have a bad childhood still turn out bad. So no I do not think it is o.k. for this fucking skank to get away with anything!! Sorry Charlie no love here!!


Danielle's not 'crazy' or a 'nut-job'. She had a wretched, abusive childhood, made a bunch of horrible mistakes as an adult, and it's all she can do to get it together and overcome her past. Who cares whether she and Lori are an item or just friends, or whatever. Only they know the true story. You're just gossiping and speculating. No real talent required for that. It's just a form of lying. Get over yourselves. Danielle and all those ladies have issues . . . who doesn't? Jesus loves everyone. That's the good news.


Danielle is a train wreck, RUN from her.
I am so glad she is off the show. Not only was she disgusting, I saw her as a dangerous person, she is truly sick/evil.


"Lori doesn't do crazy" That was hilarious cuz she already is doing the carzy with Danielle! LOL great!! She just making excuses now that she knows she's a nut job!!


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