Lori Michaels: Danielle Staub Girlfriend or Pawn?

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub was spotted out partying again with her new “girlfriend,” singer Lori Michaels, in New York City.

If you thought no one would stoop so low as to pretend to be bisexual and exploit the gay community for publicity, then you haven't met Danielle Staub.

The two were hanging out all night, though, whatever that's worth. Danielle and Lori attended Damon Dash’s birthday party at Lucky Strike in the Big Apple.

The two "lovebirds" were up close and definitely having a good time. Tom Murro, from Celebrity Magnet, says the pair was “intertwined” at the soiree ...

Danielle Staub and Lori Michaels

Is Danielle Staub using Lori Michaels for publicity?

“They were very kissy feely, all snuggled up,” he said.

Sure were. She made sure it was caught on film, too.

Looks like DS only has eyes for one fake lover, at least. After chatting with Danielle, Murro offered to show her the video of Elvira Garu, the show's new vixen.

Danielle slammed the blonde party planner and the show: “I have no interest in seeing that b!tch and don’t even watch the show,” the Bravo star snapped.

Well, that settles that. Glad we're able to report this breaking news. No word if there was a screening of the Danielle Staub sex tape at the party later.


Danielle....be truthful to yourself....you are a Straight,Good,Intelligent Lady and an Excellent MOM to your kids....You don't need to prove to anyone that you are something else....Like Lady GaGa she's so Talented....she does not need all that garbage wear.Keep going to church....He's the Only ONE to HELP YOU.


I totally agree with Monkey. If that slime is real then I just grew a foot and just became a supermodel. LOL You have got to be a smart enough person to even be in the game to be a player.


She's a POSER and a media whore. End of story.


Sharon - you consider "loving your kids" dragging them through all this unnecessary drama? That's good parenting? Having your CHILDREN have to tell you that what you're doing is childish and wrong? Her kids are more mature than her, and a lot smarter than her too. Real is the last word I would ever use to describe Danielle Staub. One day she's crying poor me poor me, I'm a victim waa waa. Then the next day she's sooo tough and kicks her stupid accent into full gear saying how she's coming for them. Please. She deserves every last ounce of whatever comes her way. She should grow up and act her age, instead of having her children raise her and be her good influence. Money definitely doesn't buy class - she's the prime example of that.


Danelle, makes for good TV, she is crazy but she is real. She loves her kids, which is a good thing. Danelle, keep on keeping on.... Like the saying goes, "Don't hate the player, Hate the game."


GOD this crazy ugly chick again!! Don't give a shit if she's bi or not-won't believe her if she said the sky was blue, I would still go ckeck! She is a total fame WHORE-more than one way! Just using her 15 minutes of fame and streching the shit out of it, like her face!!


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