Danielle Staub Teases Bisexuality, Exploits Gay Community

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Danielle Staub is pathetic.

Because her antics on The Real Housewives of New Jersey and in her disgusting sex tape haven't elicited enough attention for this reality star, she's now resorted to exploiting the gay community in order to make headlines.

Following a duet with lesbian singer Lori Michaels this week, Danielle is teasing that she may be a bisexual.

“I’m not ready to say that one way or the other," she told Fox News. "Right now my focus is on my kids, but there is room for one more person in my world. Hopefully soon the world will see that.”

Look, attention-starved loser: coming out of the closet is a big deal to people. It's a life-altering event. You're setting a sad example for those kids by using your sexuality as yet another platform for publicity.

Dark Danielle

Making matters worse, Staub touts herself as an advocate for gay rights.

"I haven’t even begun my work in the gay community yet,” she said. “I want to go to senate, I want to pass a bill and get gay marriage legalized. I go to events, I march in rallies. I’ve been a part of the gay community for 30 years.”

We wonder how that community feels about a woman who exploits its agenda for personal gain. Either come out as a lesbian, or don't, Danielle. You're making a mockery of the cause you claim to care about.


You're such a joke. You're nothing but a washed up, fame seeking, money hungry hooker.
P.S. I feel sorry for "your girls".


and dont call ashley a fuckin coke whore when you look just like a class a coke whore


danielle staub u should be ther for your children who are amazing,you on the other hand r a waste of life, i feel horrible for them they are beautiful talented children and you are a money grabbing whore who deserves nothing but shit on our face you piece of shit you stupid fuck, you should just make up with the housewives and get on ur knees and make a porno out of that shit u ass u stupid cunt u knew u were making a porno and u knew hat was gunna happen god less your children with a fucked up mother like you i felt bad for u at first and was on your side but the more i watch you the more i think good for you u asshole


Danielle Staub has been a gay advocate for 30 yrs? Really since she was in her teens? Hmmnnn!


It's all a lie .. Lori Michaels has a girlfriend named courtney they have been together for over a year there is a million facebook pictures of them right on loris page and guess what they were together yesterday so .. next lie danielle?


The fight for marriage equality has been an ongoing fight for years, where has she been? Let me name a few, NOH8, Courage Campaign, We Give a Damn, Freedom to Marry, Human Rights Campaign...the list goes on. Don't just give lip service to bring attention to yourself, what are you waiting for? DO SOMETHING or go kick rocks!


Danielle is not a lesbian, she is a sociopath. This is just one more ploy to get what she wants, fame, attention and money. Read more about the housewives psychological issues at angelofdevs blog on wordpress.


She can definitely turn men gay, or at least scare people out of the closet.


I'm embarrassed. I can't believe this vile creature! We as a Country need to stand together and say "NO MORE OF THIS SHIT!" I can't believe the depths we have sunk to giving this desperate shallow sicko any attention at all. Turn off the T.V.


OH GOD shut your fucking ugly trap!! You have used up your 15 minutes of fame now go away!!! You are doing everything to stay relevant and guess what YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A CHEAP ASS WHORE!! Got back to STRIPPING!!! I feel bad for your daughters-hope they run and never look back!
p.s your boobs and hidious no matter what the fuck you do with them!! You are nothing but fake inside and out!


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