Taylor Momsen in Revolver: Lingerie and Guns!

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What do you get when you combine an underage Gossip Girl star, raccoon makeup, the skimpiest lingerie, a glock and a sawed-off shotgun?

Taylor Momsen on the cover of Revolver, of course?

The 17-year-old actress, model and aspiring rocker certainly knows how to push the envelope and does not give a damn what anyone thinks.

There's something refreshing about that, in spite of everything off-putting about this. Do you think she's taking it a little too far? Tell us below ...

Taylor Momsen Cover

What do you think of Taylor Momsen's Revolver cover?


Taylor is looking sexy!! Just amazing!!! I'm a guy and I love her!! Don't hate her plz....!!! ^^


She is sooooo hot it is unreal people that slate her are overweight girls that dont get boys because they are no where near this fit :D


I love Taylor Momsen, I might be a guy but She is my idol. Love you Taylor Momsen! every one should just back the F**K off!!


shes a loser


To borrow a lyric from p roach "the media is the seduction of human desire" leave her alone she's a great actress and even better singer the media over reacts to everything yeah she's testing the limits she's not afraid to speak her mind which is breath of fresh air in a world where most people follow each over like sheeps


To be honest this is pretty tame in comparison and she has said she doesn't want to be a role model (look on marieclaire)and likes the mums saying they think shes a tart. but i think the sooner shes not given attention the sooner she'll stop it. she is irresponsible and needs a reality check as well as taking a look at herself and stop playing up to the image of rock n roll child gone wrong, she plays in gossip girl. go back to sweet jenny in the first season, or send her back home to be grounded for the year


I pity Taylor Momsen's parents. Tsk tsk.


@Corsets - what figure? She's a stick insect- she needs some food


Nice figure !


She never put herself out to be a role model! How ever Miley did and failed. Miley is a star on a network for kids and pre-teens. While Taylor is a star on a very adult series. GOSSIP GIRL> Would you let your kids watch Gossip Girl? NO! That's why Taylor Momsen can't or will never be a role model for kids! Kids won't grow up watching her on tv. And if in any case kids see her as a role model, its the parents OWN DAMNED FAULT!!!

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