Jasmine Waltz: David Arquette Conquest, Former Petty Thief, Dope Possessor

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According to an acquaintance, Jasmine Waltz was upset at David Arquette for leaking details of the pair's sex life to the public.

We assumed this was because the Los Angeles-based bartender didn't want the world to know she actually had sex with David Arquette. But she likely didn't want reporters digging too much into her background, either.

Jasmine Waltz Pics

Jasmine Waltz is happy when she's banging celebrities, and not posing for mug shots.

That's because Waltz has an arrest record.

In April 2000, the serial celebrity dater pleaded no contact to charges of petty larceny in Orlando. She completed six months of probation as a result.

Later that year, the former flingĀ  of Ryan Seacrest (and Chris Pine... and Doug Reinhardt... and Jesse McCartney) also pleaded no contest to misdemeanor marijuana possession. She received a suspended sentence from this arrest and was credited with two days in custody.

Even more scandalous? Jasmine says she's 28... but she's really 31! Busted!

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