Lindsay Lohan Blames Issues on Michael Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan's making excuses again, but for once, she's not off base. Being Michael Lohan's spawn doesn't justify her troubled behavior, but it helped cause it.

The rehabbing star is doing a lot of thinking at the Betty Ford Clinic, and has reached one conclusion: MiLo and his dysfunctional parenting are largely to blame.

Talking to counselors about the path that led her to drug and alcohol addiction, Linds is convinced the nightmare of growing up in a messed up family took its toll.

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Enough said.

Linds repeatedly talks about allegations her mom, Dina Lohan, made in her divorce papers ... that Michael abused her. Lindsay says she witnessed it firsthand, too.

It's still tough to deal with for the actress, especially seeing as Lindsay claims she had to step in and protect her mother from Michael (who denies abusing Dina).

On top of Mike being an abysmal excuse for a human being, Lindsay moving to L.A. at a very young age with almost no supervision was also an undeniable catalyst.

The celebrity gossip scrutiny hasn't helped either, no matter how much she invites it. Hopefully, these counseling sessions help Lindsay move forward constructively.

And her douchenozzle of a dad stays the hell away.


It has been acknowledged that Mom and Dad were not Ossie and Harriett.There are also indications that dear old dad is a criminal,and Mom is an enabler hanging out all hours of the night with her young daughter trying to look like each other.Lindsay's gal-pal Sam no longer appears to be in the picture. At the age of 24,Lindsay can no longer play the blame game. By now she know who mean her well, and who is just a part of her entourage.Close the door on those who are out to get what you have worked for,and do not be ashamed to seek professional help.
Linday needs a restraining order against MiLo, he continues to be bad news. PEACE!!


i think its lindsay fault because she don't want to admint she got a problem and she is finding with her dad i think someone needs to slap her and say wake up drug head and stop taing drugs and stop partyin her dad needs to take her money and life away just like britney spears dad did and maybe lindsay will wake up oneday if she is not dead yet.


Wow - just about everyone has some type of disfunction in their families, but Lindsey just needs to own her own mistakes because if she doesn't she will never be free of her addictions. I would also say that her mother has enabled her - after her mom and dad were apart - and that definately didn't help Lindsey.

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