The Lindsay Lohan Bad Excuse Hall of Fame

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We know she lives in denial, but this one is an all-timer.

Lindsay Lohan's excuse, as relayed by her mother Dina, for her SCRAM ankle monitor shockingly going off Sunday at an MTV Movie Awards after-party?

"Somebody spilled a drink on her leg, which must have set off the SCRAM bracelet," Dina told the N.Y. Post. Right. 'Cause that's totally how it works.

The device measures perspiration in the skin, not alcohol specifically. Even if someone did spill a drink on her leg, how would it distinguish the liquid?

Hilarious. Dina adds: "She has done absolutely nothing wrong and shouldn't have to wear the bracelet in the first place. She is doing absolutely fine."

Okay, Dina. NOTE: A judge ordered her to wear it after she failed to appear in court for probation hearings stemming from her two DUI convictions.

Shopping Maniac

Amazingly, this is up there with her best/worst excuses we've heard in recent memory, but this is Lindsay Lohan. It's got legitimate competition for the #1 spot.

Here's a look at some other tall tales she's told (via E! Online):

1. The black guy did it: In the 2007 incident she's still in hot water for, Linds tried to pin her drunk Pacific Coast Highway joyride on her assistant's pal Dante.

2. Pants on fire: After she claimed "the black kid" was driving that night, cops found cocaine on her. Oh, she borrowed those jeans from a friend! That bitch!

3. Fearing for her life: Lindsay has blamed her reckless (substance-abusing) driving on the fact that cameras follow her every move. She was scared, okay??!

4. Dog ate my passport: Despite a looming court date, Lohan still went yacht hopping in France, missed her flight back, then said someone stole her passport.

5. It was a set up: While in Cannes, a photo surfaced of LiLo and a plate of cocaine. What?! No, those were just fans staging the cocaine pic to sabotage her.

Mmm hmm. At this point, Pinocchio couldn't front on this lunatic.


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Yes, it is very sad. Lindsey is a stunningly, beautiful girl who wastes her own precious time. It is sad her mother does not wake up and help her dear daughter instead of making excuses and blaming others. She is not helping her and may in the end ruin her life and be responsible for her end. Like many I really wish this beautiful girl would stop going out every night and get some discipline in her life. If she got a routine going and worked hard every day like her career were a real job she could very likely very quickly start to flourish again in her life which is what she needs so much to do. The good news though is that at least her father has stopped calling her out in the media and shaming her and making her life worse. Maybe if continues to leave her alone she will heal from all the horrible things that have happened to her in her childhood.


this is really sad, i think she has lost all hope especially with that mother around, i think shes going to be one of those stars that we never see make a good movie again and one day we'll hear of her fatally overdosing in a hotel or something because she doesnt have anyone around her that is good for her.


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