Justin Bieber to Take Stand Against Homophobia

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Justin Bieber is looking to turn a negative into a positive.

Although details are still coming in regarding an incident at a Canadian laser tag facility over the weekend, this much we know: Bieber got into a brief confrontation with a 12-year old who harassed the singer and referred to him as a "faggot."

Cute Role Model

While authorities are still interviewing witnesses and won't release the names of any minors involved, TMZ reports that Justin wishes to take a proactive stance on the matter of bullying.

A source tells the celebrity gossip site that Bieber will likely come forward this week and "lend his support to the anti-bullying campaign." At the very least, expect a public service announcement along the lines of recent messages from Adam Lambert, Kim Kardashian and many others.

Even more so than his decision to never cut his hair, this move should have a significant influence on youths across the nation. We applaud Justin for taking a stand.

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Justin bieber doesn't have an older brother he has a little brothe and a little sister but not a older one I asked hime and he said he had a little brother soo yea bye and to the haters stop being soo mean to justin he didn't do any thing to u and yall r just jeasus bc. All yalls gf fell in luv wirth justin bieber soo get the heck over it bye noW


Shame on the father who is trying to shake down Justin Bieber. What an example to set for his son and why lawyers are held in such disregard. So disgusting and ridiculous. Greed has no limits.


Justin, You're the man!!!Those people should leave you alone. They want to be famous that's why they file a complaint about you.GOOD YOU MADE A STAND and fought back because THAT IS ONE WAY OF SAYING "NO" and "STOP"


This guy is going in the right direction. It's a shame the bullies are nuttin but a bunch of frustrated losers. Jealous is more like it.....other wise they'd respect his space 4 privacy, n' just plain leave him alone...as far as harrassing him goes. Good 4 you Justin !! Keep on doing what ur doing ,n' continue to listen 2 ur role models. You're "1" yourself.


Justin has an older brother AUSTIN BIEBER. Yes his older bro has a music video too.
Austin Bieber on youtube:
Its pretty great. Lazer Tag 4eva. He needs his older bro right now..