Brett Favre Naked Photos, Text Messages, Voicemails to Jenn Sterger: Revealed!

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Fill disclosure: We do not know for 100 percent fact that Brett Favre actually texted Jenn Sterger pictures of his package, or communicated with her in any way.

But a new video released sure makes it look like he did, compiling all the weird texts and voicemails Sterger received from someone she thought was Favre.

This is the evidence that allegedly surfaced earlier this year, and that the ex-Playboy model and sports columnist will not confirm or deny on the record.

A Jenn Sterger Photo

GOIN' TOO FAVRE: Brett did, if he really texted any wangage to Jenn.

The exchanges took place during the frequently-retired QB's one season with the New York Jets. The smoking-hot Sterger covered the team as a reporter.

Again, Jenn Sterger did not release this. Everything was acquired from a third party, and it's possible the dude communicating with Jenn was not Brett Favre.

However, getting a Mississippi cell, taking some voice lessons, and implicating Jets handlers and others for no other reason than to mess with Jenn Sterger?

Well, that would be an elaborate prank.

Jenn certainly believed it to be him, as did others. Click here for the full compilation and follow the jump to listen to Favre's voicemails after the jump ...

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becky becky u r sooo right))


that is Brett. and my realy dont give damn aabout it. I would like him to tighten his game up more. Cause that was just somethign everyone does. only cause he is pro nfl it came to tv news . And I like to ask to her the messages she realy gave him. She looks like a cock tease anyway..


Shit I would fuck her too! Look at her brett is a pimp and one if the best to ever play the game!


Why does it matter how long ago it happened? if he did it, it's still sexual harrassment. I wonder if you or I did that to someone we work with, what would happen? The excuse that she's just a gold digger doesn't justify HIS actions. If she is a gold digger, he put himself in this predicament!


Doesn't sound like it was a one sided phone friendship, ther must have been some communication or some remote interest shown or why would he call her like he knows her fairly well? He's not that arrogant or stupid...


If she was so distraught over these messages why wait 2 years to report them? If it was Favre it was inappropriate behavior nothing that should warrant him being suspended.


She is a disgusting surgery-enhanced trollop who whores around the media seeking money and fame.


Brett Favre is a whiny little imature fag.Crying at press conferences?Complaining about silly things and holding back tears,this person is so immature.I wouldn't be surprised if hes a pedophile,I mean just look at him.He has the face for it,just wait 15 or twenty years,he'll be in the news again for some deviant sex crime you wait.


I don't believe that Brett Favre would do such a thing. No way, no how. GO VIKINGS!


No comment on Brett's behavior, but all things considered his dick is not small. It's not big either. But it looks to be about 6 or 6 1/2 inches long and fairly thick, at least in the last photo.

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